Our Wellness Programs

Yoga Lean

Yoga Lean is a 12-week system that has been simplified into 4 easy phases to make it super simple to get started.

Kyla's system of healing movements is based on the most ancient styles of yoga that seamlessly moves from one pose to the next using breath.

No two of my classes are alike, which keeps you interested and excited, helps you to develop a more balanced body, and prevents nagging injuries that happen when you do the same movements every single day.

Every practice will start gently, focusing on the breath and on moving deeply into a place of healing and restoration.

Each practice lasts just 30-minutes, which is all you need to get 100% of the benefits, and it makes it easy to stick to the practice.

Back on Track

The first and only system built specifically to help eliminate shallow breathing syndrome and reverse its symptoms, so you can break free from constant back pain and feel completely in control & confident again!

Back On Track is the first and only holistic guide to rebuilding a strong, healthy, and pain-free back.

It focuses on re-engaging, strengthening, and improving blood flow to all 360 degrees of the core muscle group, getting to the root cause no other back pain relief program out there addresses, reverses, and eliminates.

ANYONE, even people with physical limitations from injury or surgery, can use this system to improve their back pain.