What is the strongest natural sedative?

We often get asked, “What is the strongest natural sedative to help me fall asleep faster?”

This usually comes from people who are suffering from sleep loss or experience regular sleep disturbances—really, anyone just wanting to sleep better.

The good news is that there are quite a few natural sedatives that will facilitate sleep. Not only will they make it easier to fall asleep, but sleep more deeply and stay asleep all night long.

Below, we’ll answer the question, “What is the strongest natural sedative?” and help you figure out which sleep-inducing remedy is the best for you to consider.

What is the Strongest Natural Sedative to Help Me Sleep Faster?

Valerian Root – Valerian root has been designated as “the strongest natural sleep sedative”, and is also one of the oldest sleep remedies in the world. In fact, its use dates back to Ancient Greece—and possibly even further!

The limited scientific studies into the effects of Valerian root have offered some conflicting results, but the preliminary research indicates that it’s highly effective as a natural remedy for insomnia. It’s particularly effective when combined with some of the other natural sedatives that you’ll find listed below.

Hops – Have you ever wondered why stronger, hoppier beers (like IPAs) make you sleepier than light beers? That’s because of the high hops content!

Hops is a known sedative, one that will help you fall asleep faster and facilitate deeper, more restorative rest. Of course, when it’s in alcohol, it’s actually going to impair your sleep. Alcohol makes you sleep lighter and leaves you more restless. The best way to take hops as a sleep sedative is in the form of a tea, paired with lavender and/or chamomile for maximum results.

Chamomile – Chamomile isn’t a very potent natural sedative, but it’s still highly effective. A single mug of chamomile tea can help to relax your mind and body, eliminating stress and anxiety and facilitating sleep. Not only will you fall asleep more easily thanks to chamomile, but you’ll be more relaxed all evening long and be less prone to anxiety- or stress-induced sleep disturbances.

For best results, add a bit of honey into your chamomile tea. Honey causes your body to produce tryptophan, and prevents the activity of orexin, which is known to maintain alertness. You’ll find it so much easier to fall asleep with a mug of chamomile tea and honey!

California poppy – California poppies are a fascinating sedative. They contain a compound called protopine, which has effects like morphine, but much milder. The plant is a relative of the Opium Poppy, but it has no opiates so it’s perfectly safe for you to take regularly. Add about two grams of California poppy into boiling water, and it makes a truly effective—and delicious—sleepy time tea.

Lavender – Lavender is known to offer a lot of wonderful sleep-inducing benefits. Not only will it reduce activity in your nervous system, but it will relax your mind and combat anxieties that could cause sleep disturbances. It’s also excellent for helping you to fall asleep faster every night.

You can drink tea that is made using lavender, but using it as an aromatherapy treatment is equally effective. Add a few drops of lavender essential oil into a pot of boiling water or an oil diffuser, and let the soft, delightful scent of lavender soothe your mind and body into relaxation.

Passionflower – Passionflower is a truly amazing sleep remedy and natural sedative. What makes it so great is that it will help you sleep and reduce nighttime anxiety, but it won’t leave you feeling drowsy or groggy in the morning. Passiflora incarnate is the form of passionflower safe to take as a sleep aid, and you’ll find that it makes a truly wonderful mug of tea as a nighttime snack.

Ginseng – Ginseng, particularly red ginseng, is a sleep remedy that has been utilized in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. Research into the herb has found that taking ginseng can combat sleep problems and improve sleep quality—for as long as a week after taking it!

Powdered ginseng is the most common form you’ll find, but you can find tinctures made using ginseng, too. Not only will it enhance the quality of your sleep, but it will manage your stress and boost your daytime energy levels.

Magnesium – This simple mineral may be one of the most effective natural sleep aids around, and certainly one of the most critical for a healthy body. Magnesium is needed to keep your bones and muscles strong, and plays a role in organ function, your nervous system, even brain function.

Taking it as a sleep supplement helps to relax your brain and your body both. It regulates melatonin and helps your body naturally fall asleep and wake up according to your circadian rhythms. It also helps to quieten your nervous system activity so you’ll be in a more restful state when the time comes to fall asleep. A small dose of magnesium per day—in addition to what you already get from the food you eat—can make a huge difference to your sleep quality!

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