Did you know that there are many natural sleep aid options that will maximize sleep quality?

You don’t need to rely on sleeping pills or medications; the answer could be as simple as trying a new, highly effective sleep aid.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of sleep aids that will encourage better sleep quality, help you relax at night, and keep you sleeping more deeply every night.

You’ll be amazed by what a natural sleep aid can do for you!

7 Natural Sleep Aid Options to Try Today

Melatonin – Melatonin is an amazing natural sleep aid to consider if you’re having trouble getting your circadian rhythms back on track after interrupted sleep patterns. Melatonin is the hormone that regulates your sleep-wake cycle. Production of this hormone decreases when the sun comes up and increases when the sun goes down, which is why you feel energized in the morning and sleepy at night.

Taking a melatonin supplement can help provide more of this important hormone, which could be necessary if you’ve experienced disruption of your sleep cycle. 0.5-1 milligram of melatonin can be taken 3 hours before bed as a remedy to help you drift off to sleep more easily.

White noise – White nose is an amazing natural sleep aid, due simply to the fact that it blocks out all background sounds. If you’re the sort of person who wakes up at the slightest noise—creaking floor boards, your partner’s snoring, or noise outside your house—you definitely want a white noise machine to generate low, soothing sounds that drown out any of those noises.

You can stick with simple white noise like crackling static or a low hum, or opt for something more natural like rainfall, whale sounds, or the sound of the ocean. The sound will help you fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply with fewer noise-related disturbances, so it’s definitely a good natural sleep aid to consider.

Chamomile tea – Chamomile is an amazing relaxant that can help to soothe you to sleep at night! Chamomile contains flavonoids that interact with certain brain receptors that play a role in your sleep-wakefulness cycle. The warmth will be incredibly soothing as well, helping to raise your core temperature so you feel more relaxed in the evening. Have a mug of chamomile tea an hour or so before bed, and you’ll be ready to doze off when you crawl under the covers.

Valerian Root – Valerian root is one of the oldest natural sleep aid remedies in the world! It triggers an increase in GABA, the neurotransmitter that helps your brain to shut down and sleep at night. Not only will it help you fall asleep faster, but it’s very likely that you’ll sleep more deeply with fewer disturbances as well.

Valerian root can be found in tea form, as well as capsules and tinctures. However you take it, you can rest assured that it will help you sleep better!

Lavender oil – Want to sleep more easily and deeply? Try breathing in some lavender oil! Aromatherapy research has proven that the smell of lavender can slow your heart rate, lowers your skin temperature, and decreases blood pressure—all of which will get you physiologically ready for sleep. The smell of lavender can also calm your mind and reduce anxiety, helping you get in the right mental state to drift off.

There are many ways to use lavender oil to help you sleep. You can find lavender-scented candles to burn at night, or try a few drops of lavender oil in an oil burner or diffuser. Or, if you really want to maximize the treatment, add a few drops to your pillowcase so you smell the lavender all night long.

Eye mask/eye pillow – It’s amazing what this super-cheap, simple item can do! By covering your eyes, the mask blocks out all outside and surrounding light, preventing you from being awoken during the night and helping you to fall asleep faster. Science has proven that even a tiny amount of light (just 5 lux) is enough to wake you up from a deep sleep and stop you from getting back to sleep.

This is ideal for people with skylights over their beds, picture windows, or night lights. A mask can go a long way toward helping you sleep more deeply with fewer disturbances.

CBD oil – CBD oil, made from the cannabis plant, is quickly becoming one of the most popular sleep aids, thanks to its ability to decrease stress, pain, and anxiety. People who take CBD oil tend to feel less anxious at night and have an easier time shutting down mentally to get to sleep. Further research is needed to determine just how effective and safe this oil is, but many people have found that it delivers amazing results with only a small dose per night.

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