We often get asked, “What are weird sleeping habits that actually work?”

Let’s be honest: most people have at least one weird sleeping habit, some quirk that helps them fall asleep or keeps them asleep more effectively at night.

There are easily as many odd sleeping habits as there are people alive today—which is to say a whole heck of a lot.

Some sleeping habits may unknowingly be decreasing sleep quality, but others could actually improve it.

We did some searching for “what are weird sleeping habits?” online and found a long list of Redditors who shared their quirky habits.

While many of them were just plain strange, we wanted to highlight a few that could actually work wonders to help you sleep better every night.

So read on to find out the internet’s weirdest sleep habits that could change your sleep habits!

What are Weird Sleeping Habits That Actually Work?

One Redditor said, “Two box fans, on HIGH, as close to my head as possible, year round. I like to feel like I'm in a wind tunnel.”

This is actually an interesting way to combat excessive heat during the night, improve airflow in the room, and generate white noise—all of which will help to improve sleep quality. A lot of people “sleep hot”, and their outside environment may be noisy (i.e. passing cars or trains, barking dogs, etc.). Sleeping with TWO fans may be excessive, but it can definitely solve some of the more common sleep issues.

Another Redditor said, “Feet out, everything else in.”

Sleeping with your feet outside the blankets can do wonders to cool you down at night—great for people who sleep hot. Your hands and feet are the first thing to get cold, so sticking your feet out from beneath the covers can actually keep you from getting too hot. But with the rest of your body under the blanket, your torso (where all your important organs are) stays warm.

From one sleeper: “I like to sleep beside a wall. Sometimes directly next to the wall. Also, I use a pillow to hug, not for my head.”

Sleeping beside a wall brings a feeling of security, because you know (on a subconscious level) that your enemies cannot attack you from all sides. It taps into humankind’s primal fear of predators, and the need to find shelter and safety from threats.

Sleeping while hugging a pillow is also a great way to provide some support for your shoulders and upper back for side-sleepers. When sleeping on your side, you may find that gravity pulls your upper body toward the mattress, meaning you end up sleeping at a twisted angle. But hugging a pillow helps to maintain proper spinal alignment at night, so it’s highly recommended for side-sleepers.

From another: “Sometimes I just prefer sleeping on the floor next to the bed.”

Sleeping on the floor isn’t ideal—typically, the surface is very hard and offers little cushioning for your joints, so you may wake up feeling stiff and achy as well as be uncomfortable throughout the night.

However, sleeping directly on the floor does have one advantage: there is no sag in the surface. Sagging mattresses are a major contributing factor in lower back pain and poor sleep quality. Sleeping on a firm surface is ideal for back sleepers who want to maintain healthy spinal position during the night.

One sleeper said, “I usually listen to sad, depressing/mellow music before I drift off to sleep in my bed”.

You’d think this would be bad—after all, you want to uplift your spirits before bed, right?—but the truth is that any music that relaxes you and quiets your mind is good to help you sleep. Sad and depressing/mellow music tends to be far more calming than upbeat music, so it’s great for helping you to relax.

One final habit: “I put tape on any lights on monitors/chargers/etc.”

We highly recommend this! Lights can stop you from falling deeply asleep or even wake you up periodically throughout the night. Make sure there are NO light sources in your room if possible, and you’ll typically sleep much more deeply.

What Are Weird Sleeping Habits That DON’T Work?

We found a couple of sleeping habits that stood out as TERRIBLE ideas for a number of reasons, so we wanted to highlight them here for you:

One said, “Farting too much.”

This is very likely the consequence of poor diet (high sugar/carbohydrate and low fiber intake) and late-night eating/snacking.

Another said, “I go on Reddit for a few hours and pass out in an uncomfortable position, which kills my back in the morning.”

This is bad for TWO reasons! First, there’s the reason mentioned: passing out in an uncomfortable position kills his back in the morning. Proper spinal alignment is absolutely critical for not only sleeping well, but also avoiding lower back pains.

Second, spending a lot of time on electronic devices—tablets, smartphones, and computers—late at night can interfere with sleep quality and prevent you from sleeping deeply. Definitely not the best idea for healthy sleep!

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