Never Heard of Turkey Tail? Here’s Why You’re Going to LOVE It!

These odd-looking fungi are going to make a world of difference for your health…

You’ve probably seen them growing on moss-covered trees as you hiked through the forest, especially forests with high humidity and low heat levels.

They look pretty much exactly like their name, with a fan-like shape and multiple colors that give them the appearance of a turkey tail.  

You might have even picked a few and tried them sautéed, though found them a bit too rubbery to eat.

That’s because they’re best when made into a tea, dried and ground into powder, or turned into an extract. In fact, they’re so good that they’ve been used in Chinese and Japanese herbal medicine for centuries. 

When you find out what turkey tail mushroom extract can do for you, you’ll definitely want to give them a try!

A Great Source of Antioxidants

This is definitely one of the best reasons to add turkey tail mushroom extract to your diet. You’ll find that they contain an incredibly broad array of antioxidants, all of which can help to boost your health in a surprising number of ways.

The antioxidants in turkey tail will prevent oxidative stress, which is the result of an imbalance caused by unstable molecules. By protecting your body from oxidative stress, these antioxidants will prevent the chronic inflammation and cellular damage that can lead to larger, more widespread health problems, including heart disease and a number of cancers.

Did you know that Turkey Tail contains 35 different phenolic compounds?

That’s along with all the other antioxidants (like baicalein and quercetin). Not only will these antioxidants help to decrease chronic inflammation and cellular damage, but they can increase the production and release of compounds that protect your body. 

Improve Gut Health

Turkey tail is known to contain prebiotics, nutrients (like specific types of fiber) that nourish the beneficial bacteria living in your intestines. Feeding your gut bacteria is critical for not only maintaining a healthy digestive tract, but also raising your body’s natural immunity. 

The prebiotics in turkey tail not only helped to improve gut bacteria in one study, but also suppressed the growth of harmful bacteria (like Shigella and E. coli).

Turkey tail extract can actually modify your gut bacteria composition and raise the levels of good bacteria (like the Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria) while decreasing the levels of bad bacteria (like Staphylococcus and Clostridium).  This can lead to decreased risk of diarrhea, lower cholesterol levels, improved digestion, better immune function, and even a lower risk of certain cancers.




How Turkey Tail Fights Cancer

Turkey tail contains nutrients that can not only help fight off tumors, but might actually be able to boost your immune function as you go through chemotherapy and radiation. 

A protein-bound polysaccharide called PSK was able to stop the growth and spread of colon cancer cells in humans, while another called CVG is known to suppress tumors. One animal-based study found that daily doses of turkey tail led to “significant reductions in tumor size”. This was believed to be the result of the enhanced immune response triggered by turkey tail extract.

On its own, turkey tail can help to slow the growth and spread of cancer cells, protecting your body from damage. However, when paired with conventional treatments like chemotherapy and radiation, the effects are cumulative and can lead to better immune health during these treatments and better elimination of cancer cells. 

Studies indicated that people taking turkey tail along with cancer treatments saw a faster reduction of breast, gastric, and colorectal cancer cells, along with a decrease in 5-year mortality. Other studies indicate that taking turkey tail can increase the lifespan of those being treated for stomach cancer, and that turkey tail can raise the levels of cancer-fighting lymphocytes and white blood cells. 

Turkey Tail Boosts Your Immunity

Turkey tail contains two polysaccharopeptide (protein-bound polysaccharides, or carbohydrates) that are powerful immune boosters. These two—called Polysaccharide Peptide (PSP) and Krestin (PSK)—are amazing at raising your immune response. They do so by activating and inhibiting the various types of immune cells in your body, thereby promoting a better balance of immunity, and they can help to suppress the low-grade inflammation that is prevalent in a number of chronic diseases.

PSP, for example, increases the production and spread of monocytes, the white blood cells that are known to raise your immunity and fight against infections. PSK will stimulate the dendritic cells in your body, which increases your body’s immunity to a number of toxins and helps to regulate your natural immune response. PSK also activates macrophages, the white blood cells that protect from harmful bacteria.

These polysaccharopeptide are both potent immune-boosters that will make your body naturally more effective at protecting itself from all threats, both external and internal.

Our Simple Solution for Your Health

As you can see, turkey tail contains a lot of amazing nutrients that will benefit your health in many, many ways! Adding it to your diet is an excellent way to ensure that your body is protected, your immune system is strong, and you have a fighting chance against cancer, heart disease, and a number of other health problems.

You can go out into the forest to pick some, cook ‘em up, and eat them, but you’ll find they taste rubbery. Really, what you want is turkey tail extract.

In turkey tail extract, you get all of the quality nutrients in an easy-to-take form that is highly concentrated. It’s a much simpler, tastier way to get that immune boost you need.

Give our Pure Immunity supplement a try! It counts turkey tail extract among its ingredients, and will deliver all of the benefits listed above in a delicious formula that is easy for you to take every day. With this supplement, you’ll get all the antioxidants you need, your gut will be healthier, and your immune system will be better able to protect you.