Have you been eating the wrong oat plant all this time?

We’re all familiar with oats, the highly nutritious whole grain that gets made into oatmeal, oat bars, oat muffins, even oat bread. 

Delicious, incredibly filling, and packed with nutrients, oats are one of the best foods on the planet to eat!

However, you’ll find that oat grass actually rivals oats for nutritional quality.

Read on to find out everything oat grass can do for you, and how it can drastically improve your health starting today!

What You Need to Know About Oat Grass

Oat grass, known by its name Arrhenatherum, is often mistaken for a form of wild oats. It’s commonly used as feed for horses and cows, as well as medicinal preparations and remedies for humans around the world. It’s a member of the cereal grass family—along with barley grass and wheat grass—and it’s loaded with all sorts of high-nutrient goodness.

First off, you get a lot of important vitamins from oat grass. Chief among them is Vitamin C, the immune-boosting antioxidant that is crucial for skin health, fat burning, and overall wellness. You also get a lot of Vitamin A, which is vital for the health of your eyes. There’s some Vitamin E, too, which will improve your cardiovascular health, nourish your brain, and protect your skin. Finally, you get Vitamin K, which is crucial for blood clotting and healthy bones.

Oat grass also has a high amino acid content. In fact, it’s estimated that up to 30% of the oat grass is amino acid-based, which means it’s an excellent source of protein. Vegans will love this plant-based protein, which can fuel their muscle growth and provide the nutrients required to maintain a fast metabolism and healthy body.

There are plenty of minerals in oat grass, too. You’ll get plenty of calcium for your bones, folic acid for your brain, and iron for healthy red blood cell production. 

The high fiber content of oat grass is another bonus. Not only will the fiber be very filling, but it will help to flush toxins from the body and cleanse your digestive tract.  

These nutrients offer a lot of health benefits, as you’ll see below…

Benefits of Oat Grass

Wondering what oat grass can do for you? Here are some of the benefits you need to know about:

Enhance Brain Function – A study into oat grass extract looked at how it could improve cognitive performance among elderly volunteers who scored below average on cognitive tests. All of the test subjects were given between 1600 and 2400 milligrams of oat grass extract per day, after which they were asked to take a cognitive performance test. Not only did the oat grass help to sharpen the participants’ focus, but it improved their concentration while performing tasks.

Decrease Anxiety – Oat grass is among a group of substances known as “nervine herbs”. Simply put, these herbs have a beneficial effect on the nervous system—in the case of oat grass, it can help to lessen anxiety. For this reason, oat grass has actually been widely used as an anti-anxiety remedy in traditional medicine.

Help You Stop Smoking – That’s right, oat grass can be used as a treatment to help reduce nicotine cravings among those who want to quit. According to one Scottish study conducted in the 1970s, those who took oat grass had an easier time quitting, thanks to lessened nicotine cravings. Another study from India found that just 1 milliliter of oat grass extract four times a day was highly effective at reducing participants’ desire to smoke, as well as decreasing the number of cigarettes they smoked every day.

Amazing Source of Fiber – Oat grass is rich in a specific type of fiber called beta-glucan. This fiber turns into a gel inside your stomach, increasing the viscosity of the food you eat and thereby slowing down your digestion. When this happens, your body takes longer to absorb carbs, so there  is a much lower risk of a blood sugar spike, even if you eat high-carb foods. It will also encourage feelings of fullness and satiety between meals, making you less likely to snack on the wrong foods!

Great for Diabetics – The fact that beta-glucan slows down carb absorption is definitely a good thing! When your body is absorbing carbs more slowly, there is less risk of blood sugar spikes. Type 2 Diabetes and insulin resistance usually form as a result of chronic high blood sugar levels and regular blood sugar spikes. For those suffering from diabetes, oat grass can be an excellent option to manage blood sugar while eating a healthy diet.

Mood Boosting – Oat grass isn’t just good for reducing anxiety; it can also help to counteract stress and prevent depression. It contains nutrients that nourish your brain and provide the fuel for producing the neurochemicals that regulate your mood.

Anti-Inflammatory – The antioxidants in oat grass can help to reduce and prevent inflammation in the body. One of the most common uses of oat grass is to deal with ulcerative colitis, as it can help to reduce the levels of the inflammatory chemical that triggers the problem and increasing the amount of beneficial bacteria in your gut.

Our Recommended Source of Oat Grass

Oat grass is an amazing superfood, but one you won’t be able to eat directly because of its grass form. You’ll have to find powdered superfood extract that contain oat grass, along with other herbs and nutrients to balance it out.

That’s where our Pure Immunity supplement comes in!

Pure Immunity contains powdered oat grass as one of its primary ingredients, delivering the above-listed health benefits and providing you oat grass in an easy-to-digest form. You’ll find that it’s one of the best supplements to not only raise your immunity, but deliver the high-quality nutrients your body needs to stay healthy and functioning properly.