Doing Power Yoga for weight loss will deliver the results you want!

That’s right: you can achieve not only better fitness and mobility using Power Yoga, but you can accelerate weight loss and fat burning naturally through your workout.

You’ll find that working in a few more Power Yoga sessions a week can drastically boost the results you get, and target those stubborn pounds you’ve been struggling to lose.

Read on to find out how Power Yoga for weight loss will really work to boost your weight loss and fitness efforts.

A Guide to Using Power Yoga for Weight Loss

Many forms of Yoga focus on relaxation, meditation, mindfulness, breathing techniques, and gentle movement. While these types of Yoga are excellent for you, they’re not the best for serious weight loss. To drop pounds, you need to move more, build muscle, and push your cardiovascular system.

That’s where Power Yoga comes in…

Better Workout

Power Yoga is a more active, dynamic form of Yoga. It uses all the same poses, but it accelerates the pace. You focus less on chanting, meditation, and relaxation, and instead focus on faster movements, transitioning through the poses more quickly.

Thanks to the accelerated pace, the Yoga workout is much more intense. For example, you do Push-Ups before going into your Upward Facing Dog, or you hold the Warrior poses for longer to give your lower body a better workout. Not only does this help to develop muscular endurance, but it also activates your body’s natural fat-burning furnaces. The result: better fat loss during your workouts.

Metabolism Boost

Power Yoga boosts your metabolism because it’s working your muscles and cardiovascular system, so you end up burning more calories for hours after the training session. This will not only give you more energy naturally, but you’ll have an easier time maintaining your weight loss efforts.

Relieve Stress

Yoga is, of course, incredibly stress-relieving. Despite the fact that you’re moving faster and working hard, you’ll find that your Power Yoga workout still helps to clear your mind and free you from anxieties. It provides you with a short-term escape where all you’re focused on is your flow between movements.

Managing stress is very important for weight loss, however. When you’re stressed, you’re prone to stress eating or snacking. Cravings also grow stronger when you are dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety. By managing stress, you regain control over your eating habits and have an easier time staying faithful to your healthy, balanced diet.

Increase Endurance

Of course, Power Yoga is excellent for building muscular endurance. You won’t develop raw power because you’re not lifting heavy weights, but working with your bodyweight helps you to more easily move your body through all your daily activities of life. Exercises like Push-Ups, Pull-Ups, and bodyweight Squats will be easier to do because Power Yoga trains your muscles to adapt to your own weight. Holding poses like Warrior Two for extended periods will give your muscles greater endurance, which will translate into better endurance through every activity or sport you do.

Boost Flexibility

One of the greatest benefits of Power Yoga—and all forms of Yoga, really—is greater flexibility and mobility. The average person spends a lot of time sitting down, which can lead to reduced mobility and increased stiffness in their pelvis, hips, lower back, and lower body. Exercise will only do so much to counteract this decreased range of motion and increased stiffness. Targeted stretches are absolutely crucial for improve your flexibility and mobility.

Yoga is all about the stretching! Nearly every pose incorporates a stretch of some sort, and the transition between the various poses will require good joint mobility. Even if you’re limited now, you’ll find that a few good Yoga workouts can make a huge difference in your ability to stretch and move easily.

Tone Your Core

Yoga focuses a lot on engaging your core muscles—your obliques, lower back, and abdominals—to facilitate smooth movement between the various poses. You’ll find that doing Yoga regularly will visibly strengthen and tone your core muscles. Not only will this translate into better muscular support for your lower back, but you’ll find that all movements are easier because your core provide a stronger connection between your upper and lower body and more a solid base of support.

Great Cardio

The fastest pace of Power Yoga makes it an excellent cardiovascular workout. Your heart and lungs have to work harder to keep oxygenated blood flowing throughout your entire body because Power Yoga engages your arms, legs, chest, back, shoulders, and core. This full-body training pushes your cardiovascular system to work harder, increasing the muscular capacity of the most important muscle in your body: your heart.

Power Yoga will keep your heart rate in that ideal “fat burning zone”—roughly 65-75% of your Max BPM. At this heart rate, your body can still absorb enough oxygen to burn fat for energy instead of just glucose (sugar), so you’ll burn through your body’s stored fat very effectively. This is why Power Yoga for weight loss is such a good option!

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