What Makes Pomegranate Such a “Super” Superfood?

Turns out they’re one of the healthiest fruits on the planet!

You may not eat a lot of pomegranates, mainly because they’re just so tricky to eat. All that time peeling and removing the weird membranes for just a few seeds? So much work for so little fruity reward.

Or is it? You’ll find that pomegranates contain an impressive range of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and other compounds, all of which are amazing for your health.

By the time you get to the end of this post, you’ll be ready to invest that time into peeling the fruit because you know just how much goodness it contains!

Nutritional Profile of Pomegranates

Let’s take a look at what you get from every pomegranate, the specific combination of micro and macronutrients they contain.

To start, you’ve got to know that you don’t eat the whole fruit—the peel and the membranes get discarded, and you only end up eating the seeds and the arils, the juicy gel-like fruit that surrounds the seeds.

One cup of pomegranate arils contains a pretty amazing array of 7 nutrients:

  1. 3 grams of protein. This plant-based protein delivers the amino acids you need to speed up your metabolism and increase muscle-building.

  2. 7 grams of fiber. You get a lot of soluble fiber from pomegranates, though the seeds do contain some insoluble fiber that will help to cleanse your intestines.

  3. 30% of your Vitamin C DV. That’s right, you can get nearly 1/3 of the total amount of Vitamin C you need in a day, just from one cup of pomegranate seeds!

  4. 36% of your Vitamin K DV. Vitamin K is necessary for healthy bones and for blood clotting, and one serving of pomegranate can give you more than 1/3 of your daily requirements.

  5. 16% of your folate DV. Folate is vital for the health of your skin, your hair, your blood marrow, and for turning carbs into energy. It’s also a crucial nutrient for the health of pregnant and nursing mothers.

  6. 12% of your potassium DV. Potassium is needed in order to counteract the sodium you consume, essential to maintain the right balance of electrolytes. It’s also crucial for muscle contractions and muscular function.

  7. 24 grams of sugar. The natural sugars in pomegranate will give you a wonderful rush of energy to help you be awake, alert, and sharp at work.

As you can see, pomegranates are a pretty amazing fruit in terms of nutrients. But wait until you get into the many wonderful antioxidants they contain. That’s where the good stuff really happens!

The amazing pomegranate fruit is loaded with two particular antioxidants:

Punicic acid – This is the fatty acid contained in the pomegranate arils, and it’s a form of conjugated linoleic acid that can offer a wide range of health benefits (as you’ll see below).

Punicalagins – These are highly potent antioxidants that are present not only in the arils, but also in the pomegranate peel. A pomegranate contains as much as three times the ORAC capacity of both green tea and red wine, which makes it a very “super” superfood indeed!

Pomegranate Health Benefits 

Let’s see what pomegranates can do for you:

Combat inflammation – Did you know that the antioxidants in pomegranates can help to reduce your risk of chronic disease? This is due to the fact that they can combat chronic inflammation in your body, thanks to the punicalagins they contain. Studies have indicated that they can not only combat inflammation in your digestive tract, but also colon and breast cancer cells. 

Improve your cardiovascular health – One way pomegranates can help to improve your heart health is by lowering your blood pressure. Studies have proven that pomegranate extract and juice can both lower your blood pressure in just a matter of weeks, particularly your systolic blood pressure.

Punicic acid, the fatty acid we mentioned above, can also protect your heart from heart disease. Not only can it lower triglycerides, but it can raise your good HDL cholesterol and make your body more effective at controlling its bad cholesterol levels. Studies have shown significant reductions in bad LDL cholesterol thanks to pomegranates as well, and the antioxidants in pomegranates can protect the cholesterol from oxidation, preventing it from being turned into hard plaque. 

Fight cancer – That’s right, pomegranates can help to fight cancer! These amazing fruits are loaded with antioxidants that can not only slow cancer cell reproduction, but possibly even trigger the cellular death (apoptosis) of cancer cells. Studies prove that drinking pomegranate juice (which is rich in important antioxidants) can also help to reduce the levels of prostate-specific antigens that increase your mortality risk with prostate cancer.

But that’s not all. According to other studies, pomegranate extract may be able to kill off breast cancer cells and slow reproduction of those cancerous cells. While the research is currently limited to lab studies, it’s proven potentially effective as a means of counteracting breast cancer.

Improve joint health – Did you know that pomegranates might be able to block the specific enzymes that can cause joint damage among people with osteoporosis? Not only that, but the anti-inflammatory effects of pomegranate make it very useful for combating joint swelling and pain common to both types of arthritis.

Fight erectile dysfunction – Great news, men!

The extract and juice from pomegranates can do wonders for your “gentlemen”. First, they increase blood flow to your erectile tissue. Then they improve erectile response. Finally, they reduce inflammation that could impair hormone production. All in all, they’re an amazing option.

Our Simple Solution to Help You

If you’re trying to get more pomegranate in your life, you’ve got options. Eating the fruit directly is one, as is drinking pomegranate juice.

However, the most potent option is pomegranate extract, which has all of the nutrients concentrated into a single dose.

That pomegranate extract is exactly what we used in our Pure Immunity supplement, and we’ve put the antioxidant effects of pomegranate to work to help boost your immune system and improve your overall health.

If you’re looking for a tasty, effective, concentrated dose of pomegranate extract in a supplement that will do wonders for your body, give this one a try!