In this article, we’re going to take a deep dive into the one ingredient that can turn your morning coffee into a fat-boosting beverage of badassery!

You may have tried everything to lose weight—dieting, supplements, workouts, everything. Chances are, you’re probably still struggling to get the results you want. Nothing you’ve tried has really worked as well as you wanted. If that’s the case, it’s likely that you’re feeling stressed, anxious, and plain tired of not seeing results.

Well, get ready for real, visible results. With this one ingredient, you’ll start to see quantifiable weight loss, and you’ll start to feel a whole lot better.

Want to know what that ingredient is?

Simple: MCT Oil!

What is MCT Oil?

“MCT” means medium-chain triglycerides, a type of saturated fatty acid that contains medium-length chains of connected molecules.

A lot of animal fats are long-chain triglycerides, and they are slower to digest and be absorbed into the body. MCTs, however, are much easier for your body to break down, absorb, and put to use. In fact, the way your body processes these fatty acids can have a lot of health benefits—everything from better brain health to managing epilepsy to reduced heart problems. In this post, though, we’re going to talk about how MCT Oil in your morning cup of coffee can help you to lose weight.

MCT Oil and Your Coffee

MCT Oil—and other oils that are rich in medium-chain triglycerides, such as coconut oil—have become a popular addition to coffee in recent years. In fact, the “Bulletproof Coffee” beverage is made using a mixture of long-chain triglycerides (from butter) and medium-chain triglycerides (from coconut oil) that is mixed into the coffee.

If you just want the benefits of the MCTs without adding too many calories, though, you can just stick with coconut oil (or a high-quality MCT Oil supplement). Stir a spoonful into your coffee and see it work for you!

How, you ask? A great question…

How MCT Oil Can Lead to Weight Loss

There are a lot of ways that MCT Oil can help you to lose weight. They are:

Regulating Your Appetite

MCT Oil is great for regulating peptide YY and leptin, two of the hormones that control your appetite. It can help to increase not only the feelings of fullness after a meal but improving the feelings of satiety (satisfaction) to stop you from wanting to eat more.

Reducing Body Weight

Multiple studies have found ways MCT Oil can help to reduce body weight. One , for example, found that MCTs help to increase energy expenditure and make your body more effective at burning fats. Another discovered that MCT Oil led to a decrease in adipose (fatty) tissue around the body. A third proved that taking MCT Oil contributed to serious weight loss AND fat mass


Better Calorie Burning 

All three of the studies linked above provided clear, concrete evidence that MCTs are an effective way to increase calorie burning. In fact, not only will MCTs help your body burn more calories every day, but it will ensure that more of those calories come from stored fat. Instead of burning the glucose in your bloodstream, your body will tap into the adipose tissue and fatty cells around your body—particularly around your belly and waist—and burn them for energy. That is the key to serious, visible weight loss!

Easy Energy Source

Because MCTs break down and are absorbed more easily than long-chain fatty acids, it makes them an easier, faster-acting source of energy. Your body is better able to burn them, too, so you go through a lot more fat every day than you would on a diet higher in LCTs. For those who are trying to encourage a more fat-focused metabolism better able to burn stored fats for energy instead of carbs, adding MCTs to your diet is the way to go!

Optimizing Gut Health 

MCT Oil encourages healthy gut bacteria and will support a healthy intestinal lining. As one 2016 report proved in no uncertain terms, the healthy gut microbiota has a direct link to a healthy metabolism and effective weight loss.

As you can see, adding MCT Oil into your morning cup of coffee can be a great way to increase your

weight loss and fat-burning efforts!

A Kickass MCT Oil Supplement to Try

Coconut oil is a great source of MCTs, but studies have proven that MCT Oil supplements that ONLY contain MCTs are the better choice if you’re trying to lose weight the healthy way. And that’s exactly what we’ve created with our Flat Belly MCT Oil!

Our supplement is made from all-natural ingredients and delivers a hefty dose of high-quality MCTs straight to your digestive system every day. One spoonful into your morning coffee, and you’ll get all the weight loss benefits listed above.

Give it a try today and see how it works to help you lose those extra pounds fast…