If you want to know how to sleep better with anxiety, you’ve come to the right place!

Anxiety can make it very hard to nod off at night. You might spend hours tossing and turning, your mind running at full steam, all thanks to anxiety.

Anxiety will add stress to your evenings, interfere with your sleep schedule, and even cause you to wake up in the middle of the night.

Below, we’ll show you how to sleep better with anxiety—or, to put it better, how to get your anxiety under control so you can sleep better every night!

How to Sleep Better With Anxiety: Try These 8 Tricks

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Avoid caffeine – Studies have linked caffeine to higher anxiety, particularly among those who already wrestle with anxiety on a daily basis. Caffeine is known to interfere with your sleep, and it stimulates your nervous system so much that you will have a hard time getting into a restful state. It basically DOUBLES your chances of anxious and restless nights: it keeps you awake longer, making you more anxious about the fact that you’re not getting to sleep, which only extends your time awake.

To combat anxiety, just drink less coffee. To sleep better, drink less coffee and make sure to have your last cup of the day no later than 2 PM. It’s a win-win that’ll help to improve your days and nights!

Meditate – Meditation can be an amazing tool for clearing your mind of all the anxious and worrying thoughts that plague your day and keep you up at night. There are countless evening and nighttime meditation videos on YouTube and audios on Spotify, and it’s worth doing them before bed so you can relax your mind and body.

Meditation actually helps to train your mind to believe that everything is okay at night, so you’ll end up relaxing more and falling asleep easier.

Try a weighted blanket – Weighted blankets have been scientifically proven to reduce autonomic arousal—or, to put it simply, heightened activity in your autonomic nervous system, which is one of the main contributors to nighttime anxiety and sleeplessness. The weight on your body can actually relax you and make you feel more “grounded”, which will lower your heart rate, calm your mind, and help you feel sleepy. It may even reduce stress hormones in your body!

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Listen to white noise – White noise is another amazing solution to help you deal with anxiety. The soothing sounds of nature or “blank” white noise (such as static or a fan blowing) can soothe your mind and keep anxious thoughts at bay. They will give your mind something to focus on instead of the anxiety-induced racing thoughts. You’ll have a much easier time going to sleep because of the noise that is keeping your mind clear and calm.

Turn on an oil diffuser – Aromatherapy can be another effective means of dealing with your anxious thoughts at night. Certain scents—such as lavender or chamomile—are known to trigger a relaxing effect in the brain and calm anxiety. Not only that, but these essential oils can also lead to better, deeper sleep.

It’s worth getting an oil diffuser in your room and testing which oils relax your mind and body most effectively. You may end up seeing a world of difference in your sleep quality because of it!

Take a bath – Baths are incredibly relaxing, and they can help to calm your racing mind and get rid of anxious thoughts. Turn on soft music, turn down the lights, and have a glass of wine in the tub, and you’ll come out feeling like a million bucks.

Studies have also shown that warm baths are also amazing at improving sleep quality. They can reduce pain, lower your blood pressure, improve your breathing, enhance blood sugar control, even help to decrease heart attack risk. You’ll feel all warm and cozy in your bed, your breathing rate will slow, and your mind will shift into sleep mode much more easily. You can make the baths significantly more effective by adding lavender-scented bath bombs to maximize the aromatherapy benefits!

Read a fiction book – Fiction is an amazing escape from reality, and it can pull your mind away from the real-world problems that would trigger nighttime anxiety. Keep a good book at your bedside table, and use it every night to help relax and clear your mind.

Just be warned: a book that is TOO good will keep you reading and addicted well into the night. Find something that you enjoy, but is not so thrilling that you have to keep turning the pages. Try to read until you find yourself drifting calmly off to sleep, then close the book and turn off the lights. Your mind will be much clearer of anxious thoughts if you fill it with a great story!

How to Sleep Better with Anxiety: Drink Sleep Slim Tea

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