Knowing how to burn belly fat for men is NOT easy!

You can spend years of your life dedicated to dieting, working out, improving your lifestyle, and trying every new suggestion to help burn fat, all to no avail.

Our bodies are designed to STORE fat, so fat burning goes against our natural physiological reactions. 

In order to know how to burn belly fat for men, you’re going to have to seriously step up your game and try these effective tricks for faster fat-burning…

How to Burn Belly Fat for Men

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Run more. That’s right, it’s just that simple! Running is amazing exercise, and it will do wonders to increase your natural fat-burning. Make it a point to run for at least 30 minutes 2-3 times per week, and you’ll see good results. 

Now, it’s important to know that JUST running isn’t the solution. You’ve got to pair running/jogging with proper resistance training if you want to see results. But if you’re already working out and not burning as much fat as you’d like, adding in a few more weekly runs will help to push things in the right direction.

Increase the intensity. High-intensity interval training is the best fat-burning workout around, because it burns both fat and carb-based calories incredibly quickly. Anything that pushes you through a high-intensity workout will work your muscles and activate the fat cells stored around your midsection. Try Tabata, HIIT, plyometrics, CrossFit, or any high-intensity training program to start seeing real results.

Eat more protein. Protein encourages better fat-burning and muscle-building, and it will keep your metabolism active far more effectively than any carbs or dietary fats ever will. It’s surprisingly difficult to get enough protein in your daily diet, and most people end up eating a lot more carbs and fats to make up their daily calories. But eating more protein will push your body into a state of higher metabolism and fat-burning that will do wonders to get rid of that unwanted belly fat.

Of course, make sure that you’re eating mostly lean proteins. High-fat proteins will typically be higher in calories, too, and that can lead to increased fat storage rather than the fat-burning you want. Stick with lean proteins like chicken breast, ground turkey, or fish, and see the results you get!

Drink more water. Water is vital for healthy fat-burning. It plays a role in the activation and utilization of stored fats, and it will prevent your body from feeling deprived of nutrients and fluids. One of the best things you can do is to increase your water intake to 3-5 liters per day. Even if you do nothing else, you’ll see some pretty impressive results. And if you drink more water on top of your other healthy changes, you’re all but guaranteed to start seeing the fat melt.

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Try vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is an amazing fat-burning remedy. ACV can not only increase your metabolism, but it will actually help to decrease your daily caloric intake and suppress your appetite. Studies have found that just a few tablespoons of vinegar per day can make a huge difference in both your weight loss and diet efforts and your daily fat-burning.

Increase fiber intake. This is one of the simplest and most effective dietary changes you can make! Fiber from fruits and vegetables will suppress your appetite, stop you from feeling hungry, improve your digestion, and encourage better fat-burning. Not only that, but fruits and vegetables are much healthier for you than most of the food you eat.

Make it a point to increase your intake of vegetables in particular, eating 2-3 servings of veggies with every meal. Do that, and you guarantee much better overall health, plus better belly fat burning.

Cut trans fats, hydrogenated oils, sugars, and artificial ingredients. Trans fats and hydrogenated oils are artificial fats that your body cannot effectively break down, so they end up being stored around your belly while offering almost no nutritional value. Sugar triggers a spike in blood glucose and is stored as fats faster and in greater quantity than any other food on the planet. Artificial ingredients interfere with healthy digestion, affect your blood sugar, and can increase your risk of health problems.

As much as possible, limit yourself to only eating food that you cook from raw, using only natural ingredients. Avoid sugary foods, anything deep-fried, or any food that is made using a lot of preservatives and artificial ingredients.

Cut alcohol from your diet. Not only is alcohol mostly empty calories, but it’s also high in carbohydrates that will add to your waistline without providing any nutritional value. Limit yourself to 1-2 drinks per WEEK if you must drink at all, or try to go for a few months without any alcohol and see what kind of results you get. 

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