Have you ever wondered how does Yoga help in healthy lifestyle?

Sure, you can feel the benefits when you’re doing the workout, and for the few minutes afterward.

There’s less tension in your back, your muscles are looser, and you generally move more easily.

But can the benefits of a Yoga workout extend not just to your physical health, but the rest of your lifestyle?

The answer is: ABSOLUTELY!

Below, I want to take a moment to talk about how does Yoga help in healthy lifestyle—both the physical and intangible aspects that you might not know about.

By the end of this post, you’ll realize that Yoga is one of the best forms of exercise you can do to improve your spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional health.

How Does Yoga Help in Healthy Lifestyle: The Physical Benefits

There are so many ways that Yoga can improve your health in visible ways:

  • Enhanced digestion. Yoga improves your digestive health by compressing your stomach and intestines, which actually helps to push the food through your digestive tract and potentially clear it out. The twisting and bending poses will do wonders to aid in healthy digestion!

  • Balanced hormones. All exercise improves your hormone balance, both eliminating cortisol and increasing the production of critical growth and reproductive hormones.

  • Increased mobility and flexibility. Just being able to move more freely and without pain is an absolute game-changer for so many people! Increasing your mobility and flexibility can counteract a lot of the joint instabilities and insufficiencies that result from spending so many hours sitting down.

  • Regulated metabolism.  Yoga, like all forms of exercise, activates your muscles and burns energy, which forces your body to produce more energy to replenish the lost supply. This helps to maintain a healthy metabolic rate, which plays a critical role in weight loss/management.

  • Enhanced cardiovascular health. Your heart, lungs, and blood vessels will all be much healthier thanks to your regular Yoga practice!

  • Better energy levels. Because there is a constant turnover of energy (energy expended by your workout, and replenished by your body), you’ll actually train your body to naturally produce more energy on its own. You’ll feel more alive and energized than ever because of your daily Yoga sessions.

  • Reduced tension. Spending those 20-60 minutes bending, twisting, and stretching will do wonders to improve your ability to move, and reduce the tension that forms in your muscles after a long day of sitting or working. You’ll be less prone to tension headaches, back pain, neck pain, and other tension-related pains as a result!

  • Improved balance and athletic performance. Yoga helps to increase your body awareness, giving you greater control over your limbs and movement. This will not only improve your balance, but also make you better at sports and athletic activities because you’ll be more stable and in better control of your body.

As you can see, there are a lot of physical benefits you can derive from daily Yoga workouts! However, not all the benefits will be reflected in your physical health—instead, you’ll see better wellbeing in other ways.

How Does Yoga Help in Healthy Lifestyle: The Intangible Benefits

Here are some of the amazing ways Yoga can help to improve your mental, emotional, and spiritual health:

  • Greater connectedness. Yoga encourages a greater sense of connectedness to the world and universe around you, as well as to your body and those who are doing Yoga alongside you. You’ll feel more “seen” and a part of something greater than yourself, which brings an immense sense of peace and belonging.

  • More calmness. As you settle into the Yoga workouts, you’ll push aside all the stressed, worried, and anxious thoughts from your mind, and as a result, you’ll find more calmness during the Yoga session. However, this ability to clear your mind can translate into literally every other area of your life. When you’re worried or stressed, you’ll know how to push the unwelcome thoughts away and find your place of calm.

  • Better emotional regulation. Yoga includes meditations and mindfulness practices that help you to become more aware of how you feel not only physically, but also emotionally. You develop the ability to sense and control your emotions—both during the Yoga sessions and in the rest of your life.

  • Increased peace. Yoga encourages acceptance of self, both the physical and spiritual aspects of self. You’ll find more peace in your life because you’ve accepted who you are inside and out.

  • Greater self-love. Throughout the Yoga sessions, you’ll practice self-love, gentleness, and kindness. You’ll accept your limitations and any perceived “flaws” as simply part of who you are, and they will begin to bother you less and less.

  • Better concentration. Yoga focuses on breathing and steady movement, which can have a near-hypnotic effect on your mind. You’ll find that greater breath control, awareness, and purposeful movement will be crucial for increasing your concentration on important work tasks and life decisions.  

Such amazing benefits, right? They may not be tangible or easily quantifiable like the physical health benefits—reflected in lower heart rate, weight loss, or spinal pain—but they will transform your life nonetheless.