If you’re in pain and wondering, “How can I relieve back pain at home?” you’re in luck!

We’ve collected a list of some of the best home treatments and remedies you can try for treating back pain today. Some of them are commonly used methods that everyone is familiar with, and some are lesser-known but highly effective.

You’ll find that they can make a world of difference when your back pain is flaring up!

How Can I Relieve Back Pain at Home? Try These Remedies and Treatments


If your back is achy or in pain, a bit of exercise can go a long way toward improving your spine. A gentle walk around the block will lengthen your spine and loosen up your lower back muscles, and will release endorphins to help counteract the pain. A bit of Yoga can also help to counteract back pain and increase your lower back mobility. Just make sure that any exercise you do is very mild—too much intensity can actually worsen the pain or re-injure your back.


Your back pain may be caused by stiff, tight muscles, which have locked up after a day sitting, standing, or doing physical activity. If you want to reduce your risk of back pain, spend time stretching every day. Stretching helps to limber up your joints by lengthening the connective tissue, and loosens the muscles surrounding the joints. You’ll find that you move more easily and free of pain thanks to your daily stretches. Even just 10-15 minutes of back-specific stretching can make a huge difference!

Use Heat and Cold

Whether you’re dealing with a flare-up of pain or a fresh injury, the combination of heat and cold will do wonders to manage the pain. Ice will “freeze” any fresh injuries and prevent swelling, while a heat pack will increase blood flow to the damaged area to accelerate healing. With just a couple of hours of application—switching off between heat and cold every 15 minutes—you can drastically reduce your back pain and speed up healing time.

Pop a Tylenol or Advil

Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications can be a major life-saver if you’re dealing with back pain. Not only will they help to combat the inflammation that is causing the stiffness in your lower back, but they’ll help you manage pain. Tylenol will only reduce pain, but Advil and aspirin will also combat swelling. Always have a bottle handy so you’ve got something to take in case of back pain.

Apply a Spicy Rub

Treat your back like a rack of ribs: apply a spicy rub and soothe the pain away. Balms, ointments, and creams made using capsaicin can be incredibly effective for reducing back pain. Capsaicin will increase heat and improve circulation, delivering more critical nutrients to your injury site to accelerate healing. It can also desensitize your body to pain, making it easier for you to move freely. Use these capsaicin creams before you walk or stretch to facilitate pain-free exercise.

Get a massage

Massage can be quite an effective solution to help you deal with back pain. Not only can it loosen up the stiff muscles and joints around the painful area, but it can limber up the rest of your body and help correct for any muscle or joint imbalances that are throwing off your posture (which can accelerate back injuries). Massage can not only reduce back pain, but it can improve back function, combat inflammation, and help you get back on your feet. If you experience a lot of back pain, consider getting regular massages, or get yourself a deep-tissue massage gun to keep on hand.

Try an herbal remedy

There are a few herbs that can help to reduce back pain, including Willow bark and Devil’s claw. Devil’s claw is a natural anti-inflammatory that can ease pain, specifically pain in your lower back, shoulders, and neck. Willow bark works much like an aspirin, reducing both inflammation and pain throughout your entire body. These herbal remedies may be just what you need to help combat a flare-up of back pain. 

Take a bath

If the back pain is really bad—due to stiffness or an injury—get yourself in the bathtub for a long, hot soak. The heat can loosen up tense, knotted muscles and combat inflammation. Double down on the bath’s effectiveness by adding in Epsom salts. Epsom salt, also known as magnesium sulfate, absorbs via your skin and eases the soreness in your back muscles. Just a 20-minute bath in hot water and Epsom salt can make a huge difference for your back pain!

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