Exercises that burn belly fat will do so much more than just strengthen your core!

In fact, the exercises that are most effective at torching belly fat aren’t even necessarily focused on your abs muscles—they’re often whole-body movements that engage your core along with your other muscles for maximum calorie-burning goodness.

The more energy you use with each exercise, the more likely you’ll be to burn the extra fat that is accumulating around your belly and the rest of your body. Targeting your abs isn’t the most effective solution, in the long run. It’s only by working the entire body effectively that you’ll see real results.

We’ve come up with a list of exercises that burn belly fat, which you can incorporate into your daily workouts for maximum fat loss.

9 Exercises That Burn Belly Fat Fast

Mountain Climbers – Mountain Climbers are a highly dynamic, core-focused exercise that will shred your abs muscles along with your hips, your shoulders, arms, and back. It’s an amazing movement that burns tons of calories, and it engages all of your core muscles to work together for a smooth, dynamic workout.

Burpees – Time to feel the pain! Burpees are one of the single most effective exercises you can do to burn fat—not just belly fat, but all body fat. Burpees are a high-intensity exercise that will burn through tons of calories at once, forcing your body to tap into stored fat just to keep going through your workout. The explosive movement will activate your heart rate and skyrocket your metabolism, which means you’ll keep burning calories for hours after you finish training. With proper form, the jump-back and jump-forward portions of the exercise are one of the single best core-focused movements you can do!

Medicine Ball Burpees – As if regular burpees weren’t already hard enough! You can double down on the core-focused effectiveness of burpees by throwing a medicine ball into the mix. Using the medicine ball provides a degree of instability that forces your core and stabilizer muscles to engage to keep you from wobbling. It will do amazing things for your six-pack as well as all the secondary muscles in your shoulders, back, and legs. Plus, adding a bit of weight into the Burpee hits your upper body muscles in a way that regular Burpees just can’t.

Turkish Get-Up – This exercise is an amazing engagement of your entire body in a sequence of movements that help you transition from lying on the ground to standing up, all while supporting a heavy weight. You’ll be amazed by just how much your entire body has to work to keep stable and moving upward through this exercise, and you’ll feel the burn in your core in no time.

Kettlebell Swing – Though this movement focuses more on your lower back and legs, you’ll find it still does a great job of engaging your entire core muscles as you transition through the swing. Plus, adding in the lower body movement (squat) will activate more muscles and burn through even more energy. With just a few sets of this exercise, you’ll start burning fat—specifically, the fat easily available right around your midsection. It’s a high-intensity exercise that will skyrocket your heart rate and burn a lot of calories.

Russian Twist – This exercise targets not only your abs, but also your obliques (side muscles). This combined focus helps to burn more belly fat and strengthen your core muscles more effectively. You’ll find that it does an amazing job of tightening everything up and forcing you to engage your abs and obliques while maintaining a steady rhythm of movement—leading to better mobility overall.

Medicine Ball Slams – Medicine Ball Slams are a ton of fun, but they’re also a highly effective exercise that works your entire upper body and core. The explosive downward movement of the slam engages everything from your abs and lower back to your shoulders and arms. You don’t need to work with a heavy ball to see serious results—just pick up the pace and you’ll feel the burn in no time. The constant, fast-paced movement of lifting the ball and slamming it down will target your belly fat and shred your abs muscles beautifully.

Thrusters – This combined shoulder and leg workout may not look like the best choice to target belly fat, but wait until you feel how much it burns! Your abs have to engage to keep your upper body stable as you come up from the squat into the shoulder press, and you’ll find all the secondary stabilizer muscles in your upper body work with your core to provide maximum power. Combining the squat and shoulder press is also amazing at pushing your heart rate into overdrive, leading to better cardiovascular health and a faster metabolism.

Rowing – Rowing is one of the best forms of cardiovascular exercise, but it also does an amazing job of strengthening your core muscles. After all, your lower back, abs, and glutes all have to engage as you push back with your legs, lean your torso back, and pull on the handle to complete the rowing motion. You’ll find that rowing a few kilometers a day can do wonders for your core, and it’s by far one of the best exercises to burn belly fat!

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