Exercise is, hands down, the best way to burn belly fat fast!

Diet, rest, and healthy living are all crucial, but in the end, exercise will burn belly fat faster than anything else.

Exercise burns through the blood sugar in your bloodstream, forcing your body to activate stored fats for additional energy. The more you burn, the more of that stored fat—especially the fat around your belly—will be activated and utilized.

If you want to burn belly fat fast, read on for our list of the best exercises you can do!

9 Exercises Guaranteed to Burn Belly Fat Fast

Burpees – The Burpee is an exercise that EVERYONE loves to hate because it’s just so darn much work! Well, that’s what makes it so effective. The fact that it combines a push-up with lower body and abs training, squats, and a jump at the end hits your fitness from every angle, forcing your body to work extra hard. You’ll find that just a few more sets of Burpees will do wonders to shred muscle and burn belly fat. You may not like it, but it’s absolutely the best full-body movement you can do to burn belly fat fast!

Plank – Plank is an amazing static exercise that works your core muscles—including your back, abs, and obliques—incredibly effectively. The fact that you don’t move during the exercise means that it’s incredibly safe for those with lower back problems, but your muscles stay contracted for the entire exercise, leading to very high energy consumption. It’s different from dynamic movements in that there’s no relaxation between movements, just solid muscle contraction. You’ll find that it’s one of the best exercises to strengthen your core and torch serious belly fat.

Mountain Climbers – This is another excellent full body movement that will burn some hardcore belly fat. The focus of the movement is on your core, but your legs are pumping and your arms and shoulders tensed to support your weight. At the same time, your secondary stabilizer muscles have to engage to keep you balanced through the movement. The high-intensity exercise will be amazing for burning belly fat, so it’s definitely one to add into your repertoire every day!

Turkish Get-Up – The Turkish Get-Up is a fascinating and surprisingly complex movement that uses your entire body to transition from lying flat on your back to standing and back down again. It typically involves a kettlebell, which adds a bit more difficulty to what should be a simple act of standing up. The fact that it engages nearly every muscle in your body throughout the transition of rising to your feet means that it will seriously burn belly fat and strengthen your muscles in a way few other isolated exercises ever could.

Medicine Ball Slams – Working with a weighted ball is a great way to add variety to your workout, and it can seriously target your abs muscles for marvelous belly fat burning. Overhead medicine ball slams work your abs and back, while side-to-side medicine ball slams focus more on engaging your obliques alongside your other core muscles. With the addition of upper and lower body work, it’s one of the best all-around exercises to help you activate belly fat for serious burning.

Leg Raises – Leg raises are an excellent exercise to help you work not only your abs muscles, but also strengthen your hip muscles and the tendons that connect your core to your lower body. It’s not an easy movement—you have to keep your legs perfectly straight while raising them—but it will help to target both your lower abs muscles and your hip muscles for better strength.

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Swimming – Swimming is amazing for your entire body. Though your arms and legs do most of the work of swimming, you’ll find that you have to engage your core to keep propelling your body forward through the water. It takes serious abs work to bring those arms and legs toward each other in your various strokes, and to keep your head above water while you swim. You’ll find that a 15 to 30-minute workout is more than enough to shred your abs along with all your upper and lower body muscles.

Elliptical – Working on the elliptical trainer can be surprisingly effective for burning belly fat fast while also getting in a good cardio workout. Pushing on the handles with your hands while your legs work in the opposite direction gives you an amazing workout of your abs and lower back muscles. It’s a lower-impact workout than running, but it will help to target your abs and activate stored fat for burning during your low-intensity training session.

Jumping Rope – You may not think of jumping rope as an abs-targeted exercise, but it works your core so much more than you realize. Your legs do a lot of the work, but your abs and back muscles have to contract (tense) to keep your spine supported while you jump. As a result, you end up with that solid line of tension all the way from your legs to your shoulders. You’ll burn a lot more calories than you’d expect, making it one of the best types of cardio to include in your daily workouts.

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