Do you want to know the secret to burn belly fat faster?

Of course you do—everyone in the world does! We all want a solution that helps us get a flat belly in a matter of days with as little effort or changes to our lifestyle as possible.

Sadly, that’s just not realistic. There’s no quick or easy fix to burning belly fat. There’s no simple 3-step process to massive fat-burning overnight. In reality, it comes down to your lifestyle, exercise, and eating habits.

If you want to burn belly fat fast, you’re going to have to revamp your life to start living healthier. Below, we have a list of a few “first steps” you can take to start the process.

Burn Belly Fat Fast By:

  1. Moving more. One of the biggest obstacles to weight loss and fat burning is the average person’s sedentary lifestyle. Because you’re not moving a lot, your body decreases the amount of energy it produces, so you burn fewer calories per day. The key is simple: move more. Walk around every hour on the hour, take walking lunch breaks, and do more active things both outdoors and indoors. Just going to the gym isn’t enough—clean your house, go for a walk, take your dogs running, play with your kids, enjoy a hike, and do whatever you can to move more every day.

  2. Adjusting your calorie intake. Your goal should be to adjust your daily calorie intake so you’re burning around 500 calories per day more than you consume. That will require you to track your daily calorie intake as well as expenditure, but you’ll find that it’s a highly effective way to ensure you’re getting results from your diet and workout efforts. If you can burn 500 more calories than you consume every day, you’ll eliminate roughly 1 pound per week. It’s not fast weight loss, but it is both healthy and, over time, will accumulate to significant results.

  3. weight lifting_burn belly fat_purelife organics

    Lifting weights. Resistance training is the best form of exercise to help you burn belly fat fast. Not only will it target your abs muscles specifically, but it will activate all of the muscles in your body to burn more calories (of fat and glucose) and boost your metabolism so you naturally use more calories every day. Cardio is a good “finisher” to burn more calories after a weight training workout, but weights should be the primary focus of your daily training sessions.

  4. Eating more protein. Protein will boost your metabolism, suppress your appetite, and help your body to build more muscle. If you can eat more plant-based proteins, you also consume more fiber, which will fill you up and stop you from over-eating. Protein stops you from feeling hungry and provides your body with the amino acids needed to build and repair your muscles. Try to always include protein with every meal, and make it the center of your healthy diet.

  5. Eating more healthy fats. Healthy fats are any that come from plants—peanut butter, coconut oil, avocadoes, nuts, seeds, and the list goes on. It may sound counterintuitive, but eating more fat will help your body to burn more fat. Basically, a higher fat intake shifts your body into fat-burning mode, as a large percentage of your daily calorie intake comes from fats rather than just carbohydrates. You’ll have an easier time burning through dietary fats, which means it’ll also be easier to burn through stored belly fat. Fats are also incredibly filling, so they will help you to avoid unhealthy eating and snacking between meals.

  6. meditation_burn belly fat_purelifeorganics

    Reducing stress.  Stress triggers the production of cortisol, a hormone that encourages your body to store more fat over time as a means of protecting you from the “trigger” that is causing you to feel stressed. Cortisol is part of our natural “fight or flight” reaction, but it’s supposed to dip back down to normal levels once the stressful situation is over. Sadly, chronic stress leads to chronically elevated levels of cortisol, which causes you to accumulate more belly fat. Managing your stress is one of the best ways to ensure your body is in the right chemical state to burn fat rather than store it.

  7. Drinking less. Alcohol isn’t just unnecessary calories—it will actually slow down your digestion and cause you to store belly fat. Frequent drinking, even in moderation, can lead to accumulated belly fat—can you say “beer gut”?  When you drink, you’re also more likely to over-eat and over-drink, which means far too many calories for proper weight loss. Drastically reducing your alcohol intake is one of the best lifestyle choices you can make for healthy belly fat burning.

  8. Sleeping more. A lack of sleep can lead to weight gain, because your brain misunderstands “tiredness” signals as “hunger” signals, and thus you end up overeating instead of taking a nap. A lack of sleep can also slow down your metabolism, sap your energy during your workout, and even decrease your willpower. Getting more sleep is crucial for better fat-burning mechanisms and a healthier body!

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