Have you ever wondered, “How do you keep your body from storing fat? How can you STOP storing fat so you begin burning it instead?”

This is the million-dollar question, one that people have been asking for decades!

After all, if there was a way to just stop fat storage, it would make weight loss (specifically fat loss) so much easier.

Well, there’s a lot to understand about the mechanisms that store or burn fat. We’re going to answer the question “How do you keep your body from storing fat?”, but fair warning, it might not be an answer you like…

How Do You Keep Your Body From Storing Fat?

The answer to that question is actually quite simple: you can’t.

There is no way to keep your body from storing fat because fat-storing is your body’s self-preservation mechanism. It literally keeps you alive!

Think about it: if you were in a situation where you had no access to food (for a few hours or even a few days), your body needs that stored fat to provide energy enough for your brain, heart, lungs, and all the other internal organs that keep your body working, as well as the muscles that enable you to move. Without stored fat, you would basically be a machine with no energy to run. You’d sit there, “shut down” and inoperative.

Fat is your body’s “backup fuel” for those occasions when food (energy) is scarce. It’s your body’s way of protecting itself, making sure that it always has a source of energy to keep the important parts running.

For this reason, your body has some built-in fat-storing mechanisms that CANNOT be turned off. Nor should you want them to be turned off. They’re your backup in case the situation becomes incredibly dire—getting stuck in the middle of nowhere without easy access to food, being lost in a desert or adrift in the middle of an ocean, etc.

But just because you can’t stop your body from storing fat, that doesn’t mean you can’t deprive your body of fat to store!

Let me explain…

Think of your body as a burning-storing machine. Whatever fuel you put into it (food), it either utilizes (burns) for your activity, or stores it in anticipation of later activity. This is, of course, greatly simplifying the highly complex mechanics of fat absorption and utilization, but it will suffice to help you understand how you can stop your body from storing fat.

When you have fuel enough to burn, all the excess gets stored as fat. The greater the “excess”, the more fat gets stored.

The key, then, is to make sure there is no excess! By absorbing just enough fuel to keep your body running without providing it extra to store as fat, you make sure your fat storage doesn’t increase, but remains the same. Deprive it of just a little bit of energy (calorie deficit), and it actually has to tape into existing fat stores to keep your body running.

There are two simple solutions for this problem:

  1. Burn more. Increase your activity level, and you increase the number of calories (energy) you burn every day. Less energy will be stored as fat because you are burning through it before it can be stored.

  2. Eat less. Decrease the amount of food you consume, and you make certain there are no excess calories to be turned into stored fat. You eat just enough to keep your body running, or even eat at a calorie deficit (fractionally less than your body needs) to encourage fat burning.

I’m going to add a caveat on this second one:

Eat better.  The food you eat can have a huge effect on your fat storage vs. fat burning. Some foods, such as simple carbohydrates (that contain no fiber) will be quickly absorbed, flood your body with available energy, but ultimately be turned into fat for storage. Other foods, such as complex carbohydrates (that contain fiber) proteins, and fats, are absorbed more slowly, providing your body with a steady stream of energy that can be used over hours rather than be turned into fats. The quality of the food you eat will have a huge effect on your fat storage vs. calorie utilization.

You can’t actually keep your body from storing fats, but you can ensure that it doesn’t have excess calories to turn into fat. If there’s nothing excess, your body won’t add to your existing fat stores, so you won’t gain fat weight. Flip it around and start burning through stored fats by exercising and maintaining a caloric deficit in your diet, and you will begin to see the existing stored fat melt away.

That, my friend, is the key to long-term, effective, and healthy weight loss—or, in reality, FAT LOSS!

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