Black pepper is one of those classic spices you’ll find in nearly every household. Together with salt, it sits on every table, flavors 95% of dishes, and is used for just about every savory meal you can cook. Thanks to its delicious spicy kick, it makes your food a whole lot tastier!

 But did you know that pepper is also amazing for your health? Specifically, it might be just what you need to help you lose weight.

 In this article, I want to look at the reasons why you need more black pepper in your meals. 

 You’ll learn about some of the (surprisingly) many health benefits of black pepper, including the benefits specific to weight loss. 

 By the time you reach the end, you’ll be convinced it’s a great idea to reach for black pepper at every meal!

What’s in Black Pepper?

 Black pepper is a spice derived from piper negrum, a flowering plant that produces peppercorns that are dried and ground to produce the spice we all know and love. Though it’s a plant native to South India, it has spread all over the world and is used in both cooking and traditional medicine.

Black pepper has a very good nutritional profile! Two teaspoons of black pepper contains:

  • 32% of your manganese DV

  • 11% of your Vitamin K DV

  • 9% of your copper DV

  • 5% of your fiber DV

  • 3% of your calcium, iron, and chromium DV

Definitely a good reason to add it into your diet, right?

The Many Benefits of Black Pepper

 There are a lot of reasons you should add black pepper to your daily diet if you want to be healthier:

 1) It improves intestinal health and aids in digestion. The chemicals in black pepper stimulate your taste buds and send signals to your brain to produce more hydrochloric acid. This acid is responsible for the digestion of proteins and other nutrients in your stomach, so increasing hydrochloric acid secretion leads to improved digestion and faster food absorption times. It can also decrease the production of intestinal gases, preventing bloating and indigestion.

 2) It’s a diuretic and diaphoretic. Diuretics promote urination, while diaphoretics increase sweating. Both of these things help to eliminate toxins and maintain a proper fluid balance in your body—all thanks to the chemicals in pepper!

 3) It has antibacterial and antioxidant properties. The antibacterial properties of black pepper will keep your beneficial bacteria flourishing while keeping the bad bacteria in your gut from spreading out of control. And the antioxidant properties can help to combat free radical damage and oxidative stress in your cells, reducing your risk of chronic disease.

 As you can see, pepper is definitely a good addition to a healthy meal. But its real benefits come when you’re trying to lose weight.

How Black Pepper Can Help You Lose Weight

 Black pepper works to help you lose weight on a number of different levels.

 First off, it’s a spicy food, one of the foods (like chili peppers) that cause a thermogenic effect. Basically, it raises your internal body temperature, which makes your body more effective at activating and burning stored fats. 

 Thermogenesis (caused by the black pepper) can also help to increase the calories you consume from your food. You can burn more calories after every meal thanks to the spicy chemicals in black pepper. 

 Black pepper is also rich in a special compound named piperine, which is known to increase your metabolic performance. Piperine boosts your metabolism and helps you burn more calories for hours after eating a meal.

 Piperine is also able to suppress fat accumulation. It will prevent your body from turning the calories you eat into fat to be stored, which will make it much easier for you to lose existing fat without adding to the fat stores. The outer layer of the peppercorns contains special phytonutrients that break down fat cells and boost your fat metabolism. 

 The piperine in black pepper also helps your body to absorb the curcumin in turmeric, one of the best weight loss spices around. The combination of piperine and turmeric makes for a very potent weight loss solution that is all-natural and highly effective.

 Finally, black pepper will help your digestive tract work more effectively, increasing digestion rate so food spends less time sitting in your stomach and intestines. 

How to Get More Black Pepper in Your Diet

 Well, that’s an easy one: just add more pepper to your food!

Pepper goes well with just about any savory dish: from a juicy rare steak to spicy Indian food to delicious pasta to baked chicken drumsticks. You can sprinkle black pepper onto pretty much anything and everything. Adding more pepper in your meals is a great way to not only add an extra kick of flavor but to enhance your weight loss efforts.

 Another way to get black pepper is black pepper oil. You can add a few drops of 100% black pepper oil (found at pharmacies) into your water, soups, or stews.

 For those who can stand the heat, try chewing one or two of the spicy peppercorns every morning. You’ll get that direct boost of nutrients and improve digestion right away.

 Or, if you’re really looking for an effective solution, our Flat Belly Tea contains an effective dose and not only do you get a hefty dose of piperine-rich black pepper extract, but you get the turmeric extract that works with black pepper as a very effective weight loss solution.

 However you do it, know that adding more black pepper to your diet can only be good for your health—and your efforts to lose weight!

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