Turmeric is a staple spice you’ll find in hundreds of delicious Indian dishes. It’s bright yellow color makes it a classic ingredient in those colorful curries, and the rich, earthy flavor of the spice means it adds a depth of taste that has made Indian dishes some of the most popular in the world.

The turmeric root I am featuring in this article is known as Curcuma longa, and it offers a pretty impressive list of health benefits, including but not limited to:

-Reduced cholesterol and heart disease risk

-Reduced inflammatory markers, thereby decreasing osteoarthritis

-Protection against chronic liver damage

-Antibacterial properties that prevent the spread of bad bacteria

-Antifungal properties that can disrupt fungal cell membranes and decrease fungal infections

-Potential anti-cancer benefits

The truth is that I can talk all day about everything amazing turmeric can do for you, but we’re not going to.

Instead, we’re going to focus on one specific aspect of your health—weight management—and how turmeric can be an amazing tool to help you improve in that area.

Curcumin and Blood Sugar Control

A number of studies have proven that curcumin, the active antioxidant ingredient in turmeric, can help to improve blood sugar control and reduce your risk of diabetes.

For example, in one 2015 study, subjects who took a curcumin-rich turmeric extract saw decreases in not only their blood glucose levels, but also their oxidative stress levels and inflammatory markers.

 A 2002 study looked at how curcumin can help to decrease the absorption of sugar and prevent the body from turning it into blood sugar, thereby reducing blood glucose levels.

Another study from 2011 found that curcumin reduced both glucose levels and insulin tolerance, thereby making the body more effective at regulating blood sugar on its own.

While this is excellent for diabetics, you may be thinking, “How does it help with weight management?”

Simple: it’s all about the blood sugar!

How Blood Sugar Causes Weight Gain

When you eat a lot of high-carb food, it is absorbed very quickly into your body and turned into blood sugar. However, after a short period of time (about 1-2 hours), your body realizes it can’t use that blood sugar right away, so it starts looking to store it somewhere until the energy is needed. It can’t keep sugar flowing in your blood all the time—mainly because it knows there will be more coming at your next meal—so it has to turn the blood sugar into inert adipose cells (also known as FAT) to store.

Thus, high blood sugar levels lead to higher fat storage. The more high-sugar and high-carb, low-fiber foods you eat, the more you will gain weight.

But with curcumin, you’ve got an ally that can help your body manage glucose levels better. You’ll find it will be easier to avoid weight gain because you’re not storing as much fat, and your blood sugar levels are lower. 

Curcumin and Fat Metabolism

Another excellent benefit of curcumin is its ability to boost your body’s fat metabolism and prevent weight gain. 

A 2013 study looked at the effects of a curcumin supplement on obesity, and found that the supplement offered multiple benefits:

-Promoted weight loss

-Reduced obesity-related disease

-Suppressed chronic inflammation

-Prevented adipose differentiation

Another study from 2016 looked at the effects of curcumin on leptin, the hunger-regulating hormone produced in our brain. In the study, rats were fed curcumin supplements along with both normal and high-fat, high-cholesterol diets. 

After taking blood samples, it was discovered that the rats that received a supplement containing just 5% curcumin extract were healthier on a number of levels. First, their body fat levels were significantly lower, and they gained less weight on the high-fat diet than the rats that didn’t get the supplement. Second, their leptin levels were better regulated, which meant their bodies were storing less fat and were less hungry. Finally, their overall internal fat metabolism was healthier and more effective. 

All thanks to curcumin!

One report from 2017 found that curcumin helped to inhibit the formation of fat cells, and it increased activity in the brown fat cells. Unlike white fat cells, brown fat cells are active and actually contribute to fat metabolism. Thanks to curcumin, the brown fat cells work better and burn more fat calories, all while preventing the storage of white fat cells.

Curcumin Can Help With Weight Management

As the science above proves, curcumin can be a vital tool to help you manage weight. Not only will it help your body regulate blood sugar levels (preventing excess blood sugar from being turned into fat), but it can actually boost your internal fat-burning mechanisms and activate the brown fat cells. 

Simply put: curcumin makes your body more effective at regulating and managing its own weight and fat storage!


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