Tired of looking in the mirror and seeing a bit of belly pooch around your midsection?

Unfortunately for most of us, the human body is designed to store fat around the midsection—both as a means of protecting our delicate vital organs and to make the energy stored there easily accessible for our bodies.

While fat will accumulate on other parts of the body—such as your buttocks, the backs of your arms, or your thighs—it’s the fat that builds up on your belly that’s the real cause for concern. It’s not just about looking good; belly fat can increase the risk of obesity, metabolic disease, and cardiovascular conditions.

If you want to burn that fat and get rid of that belly pooch, read on for our amazingly effective solution for weight loss starting today!

Torch Your Belly Pooch in 6 Daily Steps

Step 1: Reduce Calorie Intake. The #1 key to losing weight and burning fat is to create a calorie deficit. To put it simply: eat less than you burn every day. Increasing your exercise will increase the amount of calories you burn every day, but the best way to create that deficit is just to eat less.

Stick to a diet of roughly 1800-2000 calories per day. Be very careful with what you eat (see Step 2) and make sure that you don’t pass that 2000-calorie mark. Doing this paired with your workout program (see Step 3) will be the most effective way to put your body into a fat-burning state that will give you the best chance of eliminating that belly pooch.

Step 2: Streamline Your Diet. Your belly pooch is likely the result of two things: too much sugar and too much empty carbohydrates. Cut sugar from your diet as much as possible, and make it a point to ONLY eat carbohydrates that contain fiber and minerals—brown rice, quinoa, whole wheat flour, etc.

But take it a step farther by increasing the high-quality foods you eat, too. That means eating more lean proteins and legumes, healthy fats, and high-fiber, high-nutrient veggies. Some fruits, nuts, and seeds are also great for your diet. Eating better will ensure that all of the calories you put into your body are utilized without any more being sent to expand that belly pooch. Once you start working out (see next step), you’ll be in the right physical condition to burn fat!

Step 3: Increase Exercise Intensity. The key to burning fat—specifically the fat making up that belly pooch—is to do more resistance training and high-intensity aerobic exercise (HIIT). The higher-intensity forms of exercise burn a lot of calories in a very short period of time, and keeps the fat burning for hours after the workout ends.

Instead of going for a run, do a 15 or 20-minute HIIT workout. Instead of cycling, hit the weights. Make sure to do lots of exercises that target your abdominal muscles, but don’t neglect your oblique (side) and back muscles. Working your entire core will help to increase fat-burning, making it easier for you to get rid of that belly fat!

Step 4: Move More. You should always try to move a lot more than just your scheduled daily workouts. The more you move, the more calories (and fat) you burn throughout the day.

Make it a point to walk more—across the parking lot, around the block, up the stairs, through the office, or around town. Any time you have the option to be active, take it. Make your weekends more active than sedentary, and find ways to get activity even when not working out. More activity is the key to burning more calories and fat throughout the week.

Step 5: Sleep Better. Did you know that poor sleep leads to weight gain? Not only does your metabolism slow down, but your brain misinterprets fatigue signals as hunger signals, and you end up eating more calories than you need.

A good night’s sleep will speed up your metabolism and help you to have energy for your daily activities and exercise. You’ll also find your appetite is more balanced and you have better self-control when you’re fully awake.

Step 6: Drink Less. Alcohol may be tasty, but it’s one of the worst things you can have if you’re trying to lose belly fat. Alcohol is empty calories that go straight to your gut, and they’re likely what’s behind your belly pooch.

Try cutting alcohol from your diet for 1-3 months, and see what happens to your belly fat. Paired with a healthy diet, daily exercise program, more activity, and better nights of rest, you’ll find pretty impressive results in no time. Once you see how effective removing alcohol from your daily diet is, you should have no problem keeping booze in its place. A drink or three a week won’t set back your weight loss efforts, but that many drinks a NIGHT will definitely make burning belly fat impossible.

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