Everyone has bad sleeping habits.

That may sound extreme, but it’s true!

Some people like to stay up on their phones in the evening. Others can’t figure out a sleep schedule that works for them. Still others have a poor sleep environment or develop poor sleep hygiene.

The truth is that NO ONE in the world is perfect when it comes to sleeping. Everyone has to fight to make smarter, healthier choices that will help them sleep better.

But it’s absolutely worth addressing your bad sleeping habits. If you don’t, those habits can impair your health and affect your life in a lot more ways than you might realize.

The Dangerous Downsides to Bad Sleeping Habits

You might think, “Oh, it’s no big deal that I only get a few hours of sleep, wake up frequently throughout the night, feel restless, or have a hard time falling asleep.”

In the short term (over a week or two), yes, it’s no big deal. Over time, however, sleep problems can impair your life in many, many ways.

Here is a list of serious dangers caused by lack of sleep resulting from bad sleeping habits:

  • Higher accident risks – We’re starting off with a big one! When you’re tired or drowsy, your attention wanes or wanders during the day. If you happen to be driving at the time, your risk of accidents skyrockets. Studies have proven that driver inattention and sleepiness is one of the primary causes of vehicle accidents. It’s called “impaired driving”, and though most people think it refers to driving while drunk or high, it also includes driving while excessively tired.

  • Mood changes – When you don’t get enough sleep, your mood suffers. You’re more likely to be irritable, quick-tempered, and emotionally volatile. Sleep deprivation can increase the risk of depression and make existing anxieties worse.

  • Concentration and focus trouble – If you ever find yourself having a hard time thinking straight or focusing on a task, it might be because of bad sleeping habits. A lack of sleep can impair your problem-solving skills, creativity, and concentration.

  • Impaired memory – Your brain needs enough time spent in deep sleep in order to form the connections that enable you to process, store, and recall memories. Sleep deprivation can impair both your long- and short-term memory.

  • Cardiovascular health risks – A lack of sleep (less than five hours per night) can raise your risk of hypertension and high blood pressure. It can also increase the levels of chemicals that are linked to inflammation in your cardiovascular system, which may contribute to heart disease. Given that heart disease is the #1 killer in the world, you can see why bad sleeping habits can be so serious!

  • Decreased immune response – Yes, you read that right: a lack of sleep will make your body less effective at defending you against invading pathogens. You are more likely to get sick from even minor ailments, and you’re much more susceptible to colds and flus because of a lack of sleep.

  • Diabetes and weight gain – When you don’t get enough sleep, your body tends to become more resistant to insulin, the hormone that controls your blood sugar. Chronic sleep deprivation can lead to high blood sugar levels, which in turn increases your risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes. High blood sugar levels also cause the release of excess insulin, which drives your blood sugar levels too low and trigger your body’s appetite and hunger mechanisms even when you’re not actually hungry. As a result, you end up eating more—and more unhealthy food—because of the feelings of “cravings” resulting from spiking and crashing blood sugar levels.

  • Poor coordination and balance – Yes, this is a very real thing! When you’re tired, your balance and coordination suffer. You become more prone to falls, injuries, and accidents in every activity you do. You’re more likely to hurt yourself—either through fatigue or inattention—because of bad sleeping habits.

  • Low sex drive – This is a problem much more common among men, because a lack of sleep can lead to a drop in their testosterone levels. However, even women experience it, too. Sleep deprivation can lower your libido and reduce your physical desire for sex. By increasing your depression and anxiety, it can also affect the mental/emotional side of your sex drive, too.

As you can see, bad sleeping habits are definitely going to harm you in the long run, but even in the short run, they can make life more difficult. Not only will they mess with your concentration, focus, memory, and attention, but the negative effects of sleep loss will affect your body as well as your brain.

This is why it’s so important to develop good sleeping habits and good sleep hygiene. Your rest is incredibly valuable—one of the critical pillars of good health—and it’s imperative that you treat it as such. Make sleep a priority and do whatever it takes to banish those bad sleeping habits.

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