Are you struggling to sleep better at night?

Do you toss and turn for hours, wishing you could fall asleep but just not being able to?

Are you constantly tired but have a hard time actually getting to sleep or staying asleep at night?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve got a collection of highly effective tips and tricks that will guarantee you sleep better every night. A few small changes to your lifestyle and sleep habits can make all the difference in the world!

Sleep Better Today By:

Upgrading your bedding. If you’re hot, cold, sweaty, chilly, your neck aches, your skin feels itchy because of scratchy sheets, or you’re just generally uncomfortable at night, you’re going to find it very difficult to sleep. It’s a good idea to regularly wash your sheets, mattress covers, and pillowcases, but also consider buying new sets of bedding once every year or two.

Your pillow is likely to be getting worn out after around a year of use. Keep using the same pillow too long, and you’ll find that you’re far more prone to back and neck aches. Consider buying a new pillow or two to ensure that you always get reliable neck support. Same goes for your bedding—if you feel it’s getting worn out or not regulating your body temperature as effectively, it may be a good idea to buy a new one.

Using blackout curtains. Blackout curtains keep out all light from outside your windows, providing you with a pitch black sleep environment. They’re incredibly effective if you’re unlucky enough to have that one street light or billboard shining right outside your window, or you live in an area where the headlights of passing vehicles shine into your bedroom. They can also block out the sunlight to make your room pitch black.

It’ll be much easier to sleep properly every morning even after the sun rises, thanks to blackout curtains. Plus, they block out environmental noise from outside your house, too. They’re an added layer of soundproofing that will make your room much quieter and darker—the perfect sleep environment!

Wearing a sleep mask. If you’re very sensitive to light in the night, a sleep mask can be your best friend! Sleep masks block out all light and provide you with total darkness that will make it easier to sleep. It may take time to get accustomed to wearing something over your face, but once you’re used to it, you’ll often find it makes for much easier sleep with minimal interruptions from any light in the night.

Switching out your light bulbs for dimmable bulbs. In order to encourage more drowsiness at night, it’s a good idea to slowly create a lower-light environment in the evening. You can do that by switching off all bright lights from electronic appliances, such as your TV and cellphone, but also by using dimmable bulbs.

With dimmable bulbs, you can slowly decrease the amount of light shining in your home. This will trick your brain into thinking that it’s time to go to sleep, the same way your brain feels tired when the sun sets and darkness falls. Consider programmable smart bulbs that you can actually set on a timer to start dimming the closer you get to bedtime.

Listening to white noise or sleep music.  For those who tend to have very anxious and over-active minds, falling asleep in the silence can be nearly impossible. Many people find their brains running on hyperspeed if there’s nothing to keep them occupied—or, even better, help shut them down.

That’s where sleep music and white noise comes in handy! White noise is low background sounds that lull your brain into a steady rhythm, making it much easier to sleep. Sleep music is quiet music that takes your mind on a journey, slowly leading it into a restful state. Both will do wonders to occupy an over-active mind and calm your racing thoughts.

Improving air quality in your room. If you’ve got a problem with snoring or sleep apnea, you may find that improving the air quality in your room can help to improve your sleep quality as well.

Extreme dryness can interfere with your breathing, closing off your airways and making it hard to breathe easily. People who experience this will often wake up gasping or yawn frequently throughout the night. Or, in the morning, they’ll wake up with a stuffed nose and very dry mouth. Using a humidifier or a diffuser can help to add more moisture into the air, which will combat the dryness caused by running an AC or heater all night long.

If there’s a lot of dust in the air, you could breathe in the dust particles and trigger allergic reactions or lung problems that interfere with your breathing. Consider using an HEPA air filter to clean all the particles from your air, leaving you with clean air that you can breathe easily at night.

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