Read this post to find out just how many ways you can benefit from CBD oil!

CBD stands for “cannabidiol”, one of the hundreds of chemical compounds found in the cannabis sativa—or marijuana—plant.

CBD is not the compound that triggers the “high” feeling (that’s THC), but instead it’s the compound that provides the vast majority of the benefits that make CBD oil and the cannabis plant such an amazing treatment.

That’s right, it’s not just a “remedy”, but it’s an actual treatment that is recognized by medical experts around the world and prescribed for a number of purposes.

If you’re still on the fence about what CBD oil can do for you, here are some science-backed benefits that you need to know about:

Decreased Depression and Anxiety

A study from 2010 found that taking CBD oil helped to reduce anxiety in patients suffering from social anxiety disorder. Further studies have found a very clear link between CBD oil and improvements in treating PTSD, OCD, panic disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder.

CBD oil has also proven to have effects remarkably similar to antidepressants, reducing both anxiety and depression symptoms. The compound has the ability to increase the brain’s sensitivity to and production of serotonin, the neurochemical that helps to regulate both your social behavior (and anxiety toward social situations) and your mood.

Both human and animal studies have found a direct link between CBD oil and a reduction in depression and anxiety.

Pain Relief

Did you know that the cannabis plant has been used as a pain-relieving remedy for thousands of years? Literally! Research has found remedies dating back to 2900 B.C. that use the cannabis plant to help combat pain.

Our bodies have what’s known as the endocannabinoid system, a secondary system that regulates functions like immune response, pain response, appetite, and sleep. CBD directly influences this system by impacting the endocannabinoid receptors in the body, stopping them from detecting pain signals, interacting with neurotransmitters in the brain, and reducing inflammation.

One animal study found that CBD oil decreased the pain caused by a surgical incision, and another found that both inflammation and sciatic nerve pain were improved thanks to CBD. CBD has been used to successfully combat the pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and many more conditions!

Combatting Epilepsy

A number of new anti-seizure medications containing CBD have been released, and the results are pretty remarkable! Not only can they reduce the frequency of specific types of seizures, but there is a possibility they can reduce the severity of those seizures as well.

Help With Cancer Treatment

Anyone who’s undergone cancer treatments will tell you that it’s brutal. Symptoms like nausea, vomiting, pain, and fatigue as a result of chemotherapy and radiation can make life absolute torture.

Studies have looked at using CBD and THC to help decrease the severity of these cancer treatment symptoms, and the results speak for themselves. Not only does CBD oil help to reduce the vomiting and nausea triggered by chemotherapy, but it can provide relief from cancer-related pain.

But that’s not all! It turns out the CBD compounds are potent antioxidants that may have cancer-fighting properties. Some preliminary animal and test-tube studies have found that CBD can induce cellular death in breast cancer cells, while another discovered that CBD helped to stop the aggressive spread of breast cancer cells.

More research is needed to determine exactly how effective CBD can be to combat cancer, but there is no doubt that the compound can do wonders to reduce cancer treatment symptoms.

Heart Smart

It may sound odd, but it’s true! CBD is absolutely heart smart, thanks to the benefits it can offer to both your heart and your circulatory system.

One of the best benefits of CBD is its ability to lower high blood pressure. A study conducted on healthy adult men found that CBD helped to reduce their resting blood pressure, but even after the men were put through stress tests, they experienced a “smaller than normal” rise in their blood pressure.

It’s believed that CBD oil works to decrease your blood pressure by reducing stress and anxiety. Both stress and anxiety can trigger the physiological stress response, which includes a rise in blood pressure as your body prepares for “fight or flight”. By decreasing your stress levels and preventing anxiety, the CBD relaxes your body and decreases that stress response.

But there’s still more! The antioxidants in CBD can reduce inflammation in your heart and circulatory system, as well as decrease the cellular death that’s commonly associated with heart disease. CBD can reduce oxidative stress on the heart and even prevent the sort of heart damage common to those with diabetes.

The Potential Side Effects of CBD Oil

You’ll find a lot of resources talking about how great CBD oil is and, as you’ve seen above, there is ample proof that it can benefit your health.

But you also need to know about the drawbacks of using CBD oil, the potential risks that could impact  you if you start taking CBD oil.

First off, you need to know that CBD oil will NOT get you high. That “high” sensation is caused by THC, another compound in the cannabis plant.

However, there are a few other side effects that you need to know about. Specifically:

  • CBD has been known to cause diarrhea. Whether it’s a sensitivity to the compound or some other cause hasn’t yet been explored.

  • CBD can decrease your appetite and cause weight changes.

  • CBD can cause fatigue, or make existing fatigue problems worse.

  • CBD can interact negatively with a number of medications. It’s important that you talk with your doctor to discuss how to safely take CBD oil if you are taking other medications.

CBD Oil can offer a lot of benefits, but it’s important that you are safe while taking it!