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Early Signs of Cognitive Decline

5 Early Signs of Cognitive Decline

(And What You Can Do About It)

Forgetting your words, memory loss, and a foggy mind could all be indicators that you’re experiencing the early stages of cognitive decline.



Frequent Forgetfulness

Have you noticed that you often forget simple things, like where you placed your keys, the names of people you just met, and even everyday words?

Frequent memory lapses can be an early sign of cognitive decline, as our brains struggle to retain and recall information as efficiently as they used to.

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Take bee propolis to improve your memory.

Studies have shown that in as little as 8 weeks of consistent use, individuals who took bee propolis daily experienced a 20% improvement in ability to remember, retain, and recall information.

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Brain Fog and Mental Fatigue

Do you find yourself feeling mentally exhausted or experiencing brain fog... even after a full night's rest?

Persistent mental cloudiness and fatigue can be an early indicator that your brain's cognitive functions are not operating at their peak.

Turmeric roots and a bowl of turmeric powder on a wooden surface.

Take curcumin to enhance mental clarity.

Research indicates that curcumin can enhance brain function by up to 25%, to reduce symptoms of brain fog and improving overall sharpness.


Difficulty Concentrating and Focusing

Are you having trouble concentrating on tasks or maintaining focus during meetings and conversations?

As our brains become less capable of processing and prioritizing information effectively, struggling to stay attentive is often one of the first signs to look out for.

Orange and brown mushrooms growing on a tree trunk.

Take reishi mushroom for focus.

Participants in a 12-week study reported a 30% increase in their ability to concentrate after daily supplementation of Reishi mushroom, commonly referred to as the “mushroom of immortality.”

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Slower Mental Processing and Reaction Time

Does it take you longer to respond to questions and solve problems? Do your thought processes feel slower?

Your brain’s ability to process information might be diminishing. A hallmark of early cognitive decline can be a noticeable decrease in mental processing speed or reaction time.

Turmeric roots and a bowl of turmeric powder on a wooden surface.

Combine zinc and ginseng for better mental performance.

Zinc aids in neurotransmitter function, while Ginseng enhances mental performance and reduces fatigue. Together, they have been shown to boost cognitive function by 22%.


Declining Problem-Solving Skills

Are you finding it increasingly difficult to make decisions or solve problems?

A key sign of early cognitive decline can be witnessed in a diminished capacity for critical thinking, solving problems that used to be straightforward, and general decision making.

A variety of selenium-rich foods, including eggs, nuts, broccoli, chicken, and seafood.

Take glutathione and selenium for neuroprotection.

Studies show that the combination of Glutathione and Selenium can protect brain cells against oxidative stress to improving cognitive function by 18%, and promote clearer thinking and better decision-making.

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Rich in flavonoids and antioxidants

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A bowl of ground turmeric surrounded by fresh turmeric root on a wooden surface.


For Brain Health

Strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory

Protects brain cells from damage

May reduce the risk of neurodegenerative diseases

Assorted selenium-rich foods, including eggs, broccoli, garlic, beans, nuts, chicken, shrimp, and liver.


For Neuroprotection

Supports brain health by being a key part of antioxidant enzymes that protect neurons from oxidative damage

Reduces stress

Preserve brain function while also shielding neurons from everyday neurotoxic substances

Various halved citrus fruits, including grapefruits, lemons, limes, and oranges, arranged in a colorful pattern.

Vitamin C

Antioxidant that protects cells and supports the immune system

Aids in collagen production for skin health and wound healing

Promotes cardiovascular health

Enhances memory and mental alertness

Fruits, vegetables, and nuts surrounding a card with the chemical structure and name of glutathione.


For Neuroprotection

Master detoxifier and top antioxidant

Neutralizes harmful free radicals, regenerates other antioxidants, binds toxins and heavy metals for elimination

Protects brain health against cellular damage, neurodegenerative diseases, and cognitive decline

Reishi mushrooms growing on the side of a tree trunk.

Reishi Mushrooms

For Enhanced Focus

Help calm and relax the brain for better focus and concentration

Reduce inflammation and support joint health

Improve sleep quality

May benefit heart health by lowering blood pressure and cholesterol

Various zinc-rich foods including meat, fish, nuts, seeds, cheese, and vegetables on a wooden board.


For Cognitive Performance

Plays a critical role in brain cell communication for quick thinking

Supports immune cell function to defend against infections

Promotes wound healing

Maintains healthy skin

Fresh ginseng roots and slices on a wooden plate with green foliage in the background.


For Cognitive Performance

Helps the body adapt to stress, increase energy, reduce fatigue, and improve mental clarity

Boosts the immune system

Enhances defenses against infections and illnesses

Supports better focus and memory


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