Eden Reforestation Projects

sowing seeds

Where Tree Density
is Diminishing

Reforestation is the process of sowing seeds or planting new trees in areas where trees once stood or in areas where tree density is diminishing. Historically reforestation is a laborious and expensive process, often in challenging terrain. However, the process of planting a tree can bring untold benefits to the land and the person participating in the regeneration.

Eden has a top tier seedling survival rate — over 80% — with a focus on planting tree species native to the land, including mangrove trees in Madagascar and Mozambique. →


Eden Projects

Eden Reforestation Projects and Purelife Organics are working with local villagers on Biak Island in Indonesia to restore, replant, and protect their unique and vital forest systems.



DroneSeed is on the forefront of innovating and scaling reforestation, they work with native tribes whose lands have been destroyed by wildfire to reforest quickly, safely and at scale.



Climeworks captures CO2 from the air with the world’s first commercial carbon removal technology. The direct air capture plants remove CO2 from the atmosphere directly.


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