One of the most common questions we get asked is “What is the fastest way to relieve back pain?”

Most of the time, this question comes from people who are in serious pain and are looking for a quick fix for the problem.

Back pain can be both agonizing and debilitating. Many people spend a great deal of their lives in bed or sitting down because of their back pain, caused by injuries, medical conditions, or trauma. Finding a cure for their pain could very well change their lives!

We’re glad to answer the question, “What is the fastest way to relieve back pain?” and give you some help to deal with your lower back pain quickly and effectively. To that end, we’ve gathered some of the most effective tips and tricks we’ve found over the years—give them a try, and see how they work for you!

What is the Fastest Way to Relieve Back Pain?

Here are some of the most effective rapid pain-relieving options to try:

Ibuprofen/Aspirin/Advil – It may sound too simplistic, but you’ll find that this remedy really does work. These OTC medications are both pain-relievers and anti-inflammatory treatments that will stop your back muscles from stiffening up and decrease the swelling that is the cause of so much pain. Immediately after an injury or flare-up of pain, take a NSAID (like an Advil or Ibuprofen) to help counteract the pain.

Hot/Cold Therapy – Again, this is a remedy to try immediately after experiencing the onset of pain—whether caused by an injury or damage. Start off by applying an ice pack to the painful area, as the cold will freeze the injured/damaged area and prevent it from swelling up. Give it 10-15 minutes with the cold, then switch to a heat pack. The heat will bring the blood rushing to the damaged area, accelerating the healing process. After 10-15 minutes, switch back to the cold, both to counteract the pain and decrease further swelling. Switch between the two for about 90-120 minutes. You’ll still feel the pain that day, but it will be far less, and the healing time will be significantly reduced because of the alternating hot-cold treatment.

Apply a Pain-Relieving Cream – There are a lot of amazing creams and ointments you can apply to the painful area to reduce both the pain and calm swelling. For example, arnica is known to be an effective treatment for muscle pain, and it can combat inflammation. Tiger Balm, Vicks Vapo-Rub, Icy Hot, and other similar pain-relieving creams will have similar effect. They contain menthol and other ingredients that will numb the area, reduce pain and swelling, and accelerate healing.

If you want to go into uncharted waters, you may want to give a CBD balm a try. CBD is derived from cannabis, and is perfectly safe for your use (with no “high” effect) while being highly efficient at numbing the pain signals sent to your brain. It’ll basically “turn down the volume on pain”, helping to make it more manageable.

Support It – If you experience back pain as a result of an injury (caused by incorrect movement or strained by lifting an excessively heavy load), you should immediately use something to support it. A back brace can help to combat pain and protect your mobility immediately following the injury. The brace won’t counteract the swelling—you’ll want to use the hot/cold therapy mentioned above and take a painkiller—but it will support your spinal column, taking the strain off the injured muscles or joints. If you’re prone to back injuries, consider bringing a back brace with you to the office, the gym, and wherever you’re working. Having it on hand can drastically reduce back pain by providing much-needed support following an injury.

Stretch – If your back pain is caused by tension in your spinal column or the muscles supporting your spine, a good stretch can help to loosen the stiff, knotted muscles and elongate your spine. You may not be feeling up to exercising the muscles, but at least spending a few minutes engaged in relaxing, loosening stretches can help to decrease pain.

Move – Once upon a time, it was believed that resting an achy, sore, or injured back was the best treatment for the problem. Immediately following the onset of pain, try to stay on your feet and walk around slowly while you’re applying the hot/cold treatment. Staying mobile can stop the muscles from stiffening in a contracted position, which would make it painful every time you stood up. Plus, the movement can keep your limbs working and may even help to decrease swelling and pain. And if you’ve already been in bed for a day or two after an injury, try to get up and walk around at least a little bit to accelerate the healing process. Movement gets your blood pumping, bringing oxygen and vital nutrients to the damaged area, which will help it to recover/repair faster. 

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