We often get asked, “How do you get rid of lower back pain fast? What are your tricks for dealing with back pain?”

It can be tough to try to go about your daily activities while suffering from back pain. Your mobility is limited and every movement can be painful, restricting what you can do in your day.

But if you address the back pain, you can reclaim your life and freedom of movement. Below, we’ll answer the question “How do you get rid of lower back pain fast?” so you know how to restore full mobility and eliminate pain completely!

How Do You Get Rid of Lower Back Pain Fast?

Here are a few of the most effective means of getting rid of back pain quickly:

Stretch – Stretching can do wonders to elongate your spine, loosen up tense muscles, and improve spinal alignment. Some back pains respond better to stretching than others—for example a slipped disc will benefit, while a strained muscle or sprained ligament might not. However, whatever the pain, it’s worth spending a few minutes stretching out your spinal column, hips, and pelvis in order to get your body back on track.

A few amazing stretches include:

  • Knee-to-chest. This will pull on your lower back and glutes one side at a time, relieving tension and, of course, lower back pain.

  • Cat-Cow. This Yoga stretch helps to maintain a healthy neutral spine position while increasing your flexibility. You’ll find it can also reduce tension in your lower back and help to unwind knotted muscles.

  • Seated forward bend. Doing this seated stretch will loosen all the muscles along your lower back, glutes, and hamstrings.

  • Supported bridge. Using a rolled-up towel beneath your spine can decompress the spine and loosen up tight joints.

Exercise – Exercise can do wonders to reduce back pain! Strengthening the spinal muscles will help to protect your spine and offer improved support for the joints, reducing the risk of spinal injuries. Cardio workouts like rowing, running, or cycling can also help to work the lower back muscles in such a way that they keep you moving more efficiently and with less strain.

It’s worth incorporating at least one lower back workout into your weekly training, and at least two or three mobility-oriented workouts as well. The more you exercise your lower back, the lower your risk of injury.

Be warned, however: if you’re going to engage in lower back workouts, try to avoid the more “dangerous” exercises—movements like Deadlifts, which are among the most common causes of workout-related lower back injuries. Start out with simple, easy-to-perform exercises that use primarily your body weight. Work up to adding weight as your back grows stronger, but don’t overload your back right from the beginning or you’re at serious risk of injury or re-injury.

Improve Your Footwear – Did you know that your shoes could be directly linked to your lower back pain? The wrong pair of shoes can make you more prone to strain or pain in your lower back, as they offer insufficient support or stability, which forces your lower body and back to work harder (and often incorrectly) in order to keep you upright and moving.

If you suspect your shoes might be at risk, consider visiting a foot doctor and asking about orthotics. You might not need something more complex, but just a new pair of shoes with reliable cushioning and ample support.

Try Pain-Relieving Creams – For the first few hours (and days) after the onset of back pain, pain-relieving creams can be an amazing way to cope with the discomfort and improve your mobility. Topical creams and balms can provide targeted pain relief directly to the injured or painful area, reducing the discomfort sensations and helping you to move more easily.

Tiger Balm, for example, is made with a number of numbing agents that reduce pain sensations, while also stimulating blood flow to the injured or painful area in order to accelerate healing. Icy Hot, Vicks Vapo-Rub, and other analgesic creams and balms perform a similar function, making your back pain a bit easier to cope with.

For those who need something to deal with chronic back pain, CBD balms may be an excellent option to consider. CBD balms contain cannabinoids derived from the cannabis plant. Cannabinoids basically “turn down the volume of pain signals”, decreasing the intensity of the pain signals sent to your brain so you register less pain from the injured area. They are fast becoming a popular solution for dealing with both acute and chronic back pain.

Sleep better – Easier said than done, we know! However, it’s vital that you sleep well, as a lack of sleep can directly impact your back. Sleep disturbances can not only make existing back pains worse, but decrease your tolerance to pain. If you’re sleeping poorly, it could be because you’re in the wrong sleep position or your mattress is sagging—both things that can contribute to lower back pain!

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