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Does CBD Boost Immunity?

Does CBD Boost Immunity?

The question of whether CBD boosts immunity is a very common question during the COVID-19 crisis we are facing. 

Prepare to have your mind blown by everything CBD balm can do for you!

Though there has been a lot of controversy surrounding cannabis products and their public use, science agrees that CBD offers a lot of pretty amazing benefits.

Cannabis plants contain CBD, or cannabinoids, which are potent compounds extracted from the marijuana plant. 

Don’t worry, there’s no “high” from CBD—that’s the result of THC, another compound from the same plant. In fact, as you will see, our CBD tests at 0% THC so there are ZERO psychoactive ingredients in this wonderfully effective and organic blend. 

But once you realize just what CBD can do for you, you’ll know it’s a potential therapeutic for all sorts of health problems!

How CBD Works

CBD and all cannabinoids attach to certain receptors in your body called cannabinoid receptors. Your body naturally produces certain types of cannabinoids, and thus needs cannabinoid receptors to bond with these particles.

There are two types of cannabinoid receptors:

CB1 receptors are primarily located in the brain, though you’ll find them in various locations around your body. These receptors play a role in a number of functions:

  • Pain
  • Mood
  • Appetite
  • Thinking
  • Emotions
  • Movement
  • Coordination

THC tends to bind directly to the CB1 receptors.

Instead, our formulation focuses on intervention in your CB2 receptors. 

CB2 receptors are located in your immune system, and they directly deal with inflammation and pain.

Initially, it was believed that CBD attached to the CB2 receptors, which was how they positively influenced pain perception. 

However, recent science indicates that consumed CBD doesn’t bind to either CB1 or CB2 receptors, but helps your body to use more of the cannabinoids that it naturally produces.

This is why we focus on the topical benefits of CBD:

Improved Sleep - Sleep is critically important to boost your immune system and we know there have been numerous studies showing the benefits of using CBD Balm to promote deep and restful sleep. 

Specifically, our BioSoothe CBD balm should be rubbed on your temples, back of your neck and your shoulders to fully relax and enjoy some of the most regenerative and immune-boosting sleep of your life. 

Pain Relief – Animal studies have indicated that CBD can help to decrease the pain associated with inflammation, both acute (from injuries) and chronic (from long-term health conditions). The non-psychoactive compounds in marijuana—namely CBD—have been the topic of recent research to use as a potential new pain treatment, thanks to the fact that it helps more of your body’s naturally produced CBDs to bond with your CR2 receptors, thereby decreasing pain without the need for outside intervention.

Anti-Inflammatory Effects –As mentioned above, CBD has the ability to decrease both acute and chronic pain. It has been used to treat cancer pain, the pain of chronic conditions, and acute injury pain, thanks to its ability to help your body’s natural cannabinoids to bond with the pain-reducing CB2 receptors. It’s more commonly used for chronic pain and has proven to offer remarkable results even for pains that don’t respond to other medications and interventions. 

Decreased Epilepsy Risk –The FDA has officially approved the use of medical-grade CBD as a treatment for epilepsy, particularly two rare conditions that cause epileptic seizures. Not only can the CBD help to decrease the frequency of the seizures, but also shorten their length and decrease the severity. Since 2018, CBD has been a legalized treatment around the country, offering patients suffering from epilepsy a solution where there once were none.

Improved Neurological Health – CBD has been studied to determine how it can benefit the brain, and the results are quite promising! Research has linked CBD to decreased epilepsy risk, including complications, such as neuronal injury, psychiatric diseases, and neurodegeneration. CBD may also produce an effect similar to antipsychotic drugs, making it a potentially effective treatment for those with schizophrenia.

CBD has also been researched for treating and preventing Alzheimer’s disease. It proved potentially effective for decreasing the social recognition deficit of participants, meaning those taking the CBD oil had an easier time recognizing the faces of people they knew. Further research is warranted, but preliminary studies indicate that CBD may be a potential treatment to slow Alzheimer’s progression.

Decreased Acne Risk – Who knew that taking CBD could help to make your skin so beautiful? CBD oil causes an anti-inflammatory effect that helps to decrease the sebum production in your body. Excess sebum (skin oil) is one of the primary causes of acne, so decreasing the amount of skin oil produced means a lower risk of your pores being clogged and pimples forming. It may be a future treatment for the most common type of acne, acne vulgaris.

Potential Cancer Treatment – There is still so many scientists and doctors don’t understand about cancer—the many, many types of cancer—but early research offers hope that CBD could be a potential treatment for a number of cancer cells. Specifically, CBD can help to prevent the spread of cancer cells in the body, suppress cancer cell growth, and even cause the cellular death of those cells. CBD may even help to destroy existing cancer cells—not just a preventative measure, but a potential therapy!

Anti-Anxiety Effects – THC is a known trigger of anxiety, which is why those with anxiety disorders are recommended to avoid marijuana. However, the CBD in cannabis can actually have a beneficial effect for those suffering from anxiety.

CBD has the potential to decrease the anxiety-related behaviors common with disorders like obsessive-compulsive disorder, PTSD, panic disorder, general anxiety disorder, and social anxiety disorder.

Current treatments for these anxiety disorders come with negative side effects, which leads people to stop taking them. However, according to preliminary research, there have been no adverse effects of using CBD. With more study, doctors may find a more concrete cure for anxiety thanks to CBD.

And, thanks to CBD’s ability to calm your anxiety, you’ll find it’s much easier to sleep at night. Your mind will be calm, your racing thoughts will slow, and you will be able to get to sleep without the late-night stress so common to anxiety disorders.

It’s for this reason that we included CBD in our Biosoothe soothing balm. Thanks to the CBD oil it contains, you’ll get full-spectrum pain relief and calming, a rest-inducing treatment that will help you relax more easily in the evening and get to sleep faster.

Here’s where we’re getting the science from, in case you want to read the studies for yourself:

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